Earn supplemental income fast with bartending

Bartending is immensely rewarding. It's not just a job - it's about having fun, creating memorable experiences for your guests...and of course, getting paid for your efforts. Here are three reasons why you should quit procrastinating, whip out your shakers and become a bartender.

1. Friends and Social Interaction.

Instead of paying to socialize, why not get paid to socialize instead? As a bartender, you are the life of the party; the person everyone comes back to. Because people go out to have fun, you're probably going to have fun through osmosis as well. It's a great opportunity to get out there and meet new people. You'll be making friends with other staff and your guests - you'll sometimes wonder why they're paying you to have so much fun.

2. Convenience

This is a big factor for people who want to become a bartender as a supplemental income to a regular day job or school. It's a great way to make that second paycheck. The nature of bartending lends itself to evening and night shifts. Juggling jobs or classes is easy with bartending, as you can move around your shifts as needed. If you have evening classes, you could bartend at a night club for even later hours. And sleep in of course!

Bartending skills are highly transferrable. Good service, strong product knowledge and good mixing presentation is pretty universal no matter where you bartend. If you move to a different city - or country - you can always find a job as a bartender. If you come back home from school, you could easily pick up another position.

3. Money

While you may not make the best salary, you can make some serious cash in tips. Literally. I'm not suggesting that you withhold your income from the IRS…but it is cash, and it does make great play money.

An average bartender can make anything from $125 to $500 in one night, depending on the type of drinking establishment. That's for average service. If you follow a few tips on how to increase your tip and how to provide better service, you can easily increase your nightly tip by as much as 20%. That's fairly significant.

Bartending is also one of those jobs that seem recession proof. Good times? People drink. Bad times? People drink. You can be the one to celebrate with people in the good times, and commiserate in bad times. And make money consistently.

You can also freelance as a bartender. There are parties, corporate events and social occasions that need bartenders. By earning your local bartending certification and a little marketing, you will find a lucrative and consistent market for your services.

What are you waiting for?

Learn to bartend online or at a local school, brush up on your customer service and land that bartending job.