Refrigerator appliances are one of the home equipments that any home cannot live without. It is a technology that keeps our food - our topmost necessity – fresh. As a common knowledge, it prevents food spoilage.

Thanks to this invention, we can stock food for our homes for more than a week. Refrigerators have now evolved to have many useful features. Different models have different features as well.

Since we now realize that this equipment is a must in our homes, it is but important to have information on the different models before buying one. To help you in buying a fridge, here are some of the top refrigerator appliances.

Kenmore 78222

The Kenmore 78222 is more than your typical top freezer. This model has useful features like its interior water dispenser which gives out chilled water.

The freezer has a couple of upgraded features: its door has a two tilt-out baskets which help you store smaller frozen items, a pull-out freezer floor which helps you reach items in the rear easily.

There are more features this can offer and if you're used to that top freezer type of fridge, this is a good buy. You can have this model in white, black, bisque or stainless steel.

Amana AFD2535DE

The Amana AFD2535DE is a 25 cubic feet 3-door refrigerator that combines a bottom freezer with its twin refrigerator doors. It has a French Door design, giving your kitchen style plus convenience. If you have a big family, this fridge will surely fit your needs.

It comes with different and various storing adjustments like easy freezer pull-out, easy close drawers and chef's pantry drawer. Its shelves are adjustable and made of glass. Although it costs more expensive as compared to other models, its features make it definitely a good buy.

Whirlpool ET1FTEXVQ

This model is one of the best models of Whirlpool, having a capacity of 21 cubic feet, its space can suffice the daily food storage needs for a family size. It has a Chill temperature management control that helps maintain the food's freshness for a longer period of time.

Aside from this, there are a lot more features that make this unit one of best refrigerator appliances in the market. However helpful these top brands are, you should always consider your needs so that your equipment can be effective for you.