Top Three Savage Leather Farming Spots World of Warcraft Cataclysm


Savage Leather is skinned from any beast type monster in World of Warcraft's expansion Cataclysm. There are several decent spots to defeat beasts and skin them for Savage Leather, but who wants to settle for decent.

The addition of many new zones in World of Warcraft, players are often spending more time looking for areas to farm Savage Leather than actually doing it. This guide will help players avoid the trial and error process of searching for the best Savage Leather farming spots.

#1 Spot

Vashj'ir is one of the main start zones for World of Warcraft expansion Cataclysm. This underwater world is an amazing experience, unlike anything players have enjoyed before. Countless creature types are here to be skinned for Savage Leather, sharks, crabs, sea serpents, orcas and even probably thebiggest creature roaming around the whale shark.




Smugglers scar is a small spot in Vashj'ir where creatures are very close together which makes it a farmers dream. Players will often find corpses ready to skin without having to attack anything, due to questing in the area. Surrounding a sunken shipwreck are Brinescale serpents, with very low health points and clusterd together in very nice groups. There is absolutely no shortage of creatures to skin in this area, and re-spawns are sometimes immediate.

#2 Spot

Easily one of the best spots to farm Savage Leather is the Obsidian Forrest in the Twilight Highlands. On the east coast of the Eastern Kingdoms, players with flying mounts and the Flight Master's Licence can fly directly to this zone or complete a quest chain at the appropriate level.


In the Twilight Highlands players will find the Obsidian Forrest almost directly in the centre of the map. Obsidian Pyrewings are the target for skinners here, for the much sought after Savage Leather and Blackened Dragonscales used in high end crafted items. The plan here is pretty simple, fly up to one of the burnt tree branches, and begin attacking and skinning the Obsidian Pyrewings for Savage Leather. Re-spawns are very fast and can sneak up on players as they loot and skin.


#3 Spot

Tol Barad is an updated version of the Wrath of the Lich King zone Wintergrasp. Accessible after players reach level 85, this area is a player versus player zone, with new events every two hours. Many daily quests begin here to earn reputation and gain access to high level equipment.


West of the centre of the map is swamp area and where players will be farming Savage Leather. The beasts we will be hunting are Baradin Crocolisk, easy to kill with medium health points and super fast re-spawns. Players will find piles and piles of dead crocolisks ready to skin, this is due to a daily quest in the area. Demand for Savage leather, combined with a spot like this one, allows players to farm beasts non stop and stockpile vast amounts of Savage leather.