You can make money by writing articles online!

If you are a freelance writer, you know how hard it is to get started writing online. It takes time and energy to research which sites let you earn the most. It also takes time to figure out what’s best, revenue share writing or flat rate writing. Revenue share is great for beginners and experts because you earn on the same article over and over and over again. Flat rate writing is nice because it is upfront, you don’t have to wait to earn. In my experience, here are the top 3 sites that let you earn money by writing.

Constant Content is a really great way to make money writing online. This site is different from revenue share sites and flat rate sites. Constant Content lets you write articles and then put them up for sale on their site. You set your own price for your content as well. This is a great opportunity for new writers; however, one must have perfect spelling and grammar to get an article accepted here.

Demand Studios is by far one of the best ways for writers to make money by writing flat rate articles. You can make $15 for a 500 word article which is really great. I can average 2 to 3 articles in an hour, so I make $30 to $45 an hour. Getting accepted can be difficult for new writers, it just depends on whether they need writers or not. Demand Studios always has a large number of assignments available so writers are never out of work. A unique feature to Demand Studios is that they also let you create your own title to place on and earn revenue share. This is a great opportunity because eHow ranks so high with search engines. I no longer write flat rate articles for Demand Studios, but I still make $20 a month from the 20 or so articles I had on there for revenue share.

Break Studios is another great site that lets people write at home from money. Pay is around $8 an article and they pay every other week. They often hire more people than Demand Studios but they also have fewer assignments. I personally like Break Studios because the articles only have to be 250 words so I can write a lot in a small amount of time. The articles are also usually easy to write about general content matter, like “Best Songs of 2011” type of articles. Last time I checked they were going through a change in staff and there were 0 assignments available. I thought I would go ahead and add it to the list in hopes that they will start getting back on their feet soon!