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Top 3 Tips to Keep Crickets alive after you leave the Pet shop

1. Crickets need to be warm at least 70 degrees.
2. Crickets need a home.
3. Crickets need Food and Water.

It's that easy! See first you need to make them a home. Don't just dump them into the tank with your lizard because the large crickets can and will eat the toes off of a lizard, when he is sleeping. Just feed your lizard a small amount of crickets at a time and make sure he eats them all or most of them before you put more in the tank with him.

First Lets make them a home. I like to keep Crickets in plastic Storage containers you get at Wal-Mart like the ones you put your Christmas stuff in or a big blanket if you are getting a few thousand at a time, but If you are dumping in just a few hundred then you can use a smaller container just make sure that the sides are tall, we don't want them to escape in the house.

Now they need cardboard like old egg carton torn into big chunks, put some in the corners first or they will pile up on each other and die trying to get out of the cage. Cut some holes in the top for air vents and then glue in some screen like you get to fix your screen door. I only put holes in the lid. They might chew out of holes put in sides. Put some newspaper in the bottom of the container for easy clean up and so they can crawl around on.

Next you will need Food, This can be fish food, oats or lab blocks for hamsters then put in some water, I like to put it in a small dish like a lid to a quart jar, I also put in some cotton balls so they don't drown. Are you getting the picture? Crickets are pretty stupid!

You want to keep them warm, just keep close to the lizard cage or up off the floor any kind of big draft might kill them. Now you can cool a serving size at a time so your lizard can have a better chance to catch them. I do this all the time for my Lizard, just set outside for a few minutes when it's cold or pop in the refrigerator, not too long or they will die.

Save those toilet paper and paper towel rolls, they are great for them to hide in and it makes it easy to get them out of the cage to feed your lizard. Congratulations! You did it! Those expensive crickets will last until you go to the pet shop again! You know what I'm talking about if you have a Bearded Dragon!