Losing weight has become a popular subject in the US. There are thousands of different programs that claim to help you lose weight. Some of those programs work for a while and some do not work at all! The purpose of this article is not to ridicule those programs but to show you that there is an easy way to losing weight and it is free! No books to buy, drugs to take and protein shakes to drink. If you want to lose weight then continue reading.

Diet Programs for Quick Weight Loss

First, there is no such thing as diets for quick weight loss. These diets will promise you the world just so that you can buy their stuff and find out that it doesn’t work. Just do a search on quick weight loss on the internet and you will see that there are millions of websites and products promising you that their diet program works better than their competitors. A lot of these diets are unsafe and yet people still do it because they want a quick fix. There is no quick fix when it comes to losing weight and no quick weight loss diet is going to do that. And even if you lose some weight your body will not look tight because you will have no muscle tone, in the end though you will gain double the weight in the future.

Free Weight Loss Program

What I’m going to do is to tell about this free weight loss program. No I’m not going to hustle you into getting a program or special product. You all know what this program is and it’s the only one that works every time regardless of body type. You will lose weight and feel better and have a fatter wallet in the mean time. So get comfortable get a glass of water and relax because there is going to be a lot of information.

Are you ready for the best weight loss plan known to man? Then let’s go!

Easy Weight Loss Tip# 1:  Cut the Sugar

Sugar has always been added to food and drinks as a flavor enhancer. The more a product has sugar the tastier it is. Your brain will crave the substance which is why when we see Chocolate Cake we are not looking at how good the cake looks but on how good it will taste when we eat it. Everything we eat and drink has some form of sugar whether it’s natural or manmade. If you want to lose weight then you will need to cut the sugar intake down as low as possible. This include products that include starch which when digested is turned to sugar.

Food and drinks to avoid:

  1. Soda
  2. Fruit juices
  3. Energy drinks
  4. Any type of white bread
  5. Regular milk
  6. Junk food
  7. Beer or liquor
  8. White sugar
  9. Aspartame and other manmade sugars

You do not have to cut out sugar entirely just enough that it will allow your body to come back to normal. How do you know how much sugar to use? Just look at the labels in the back of the products you buy. What I do is I look for anything that’s five percent or lower in sugar anything higher than that will be bad for you.

You can eat meat, poultry, fish and some diary like eggs.

Fruits and Vegetables can be eaten within moderation because they also contain sugar. Too much of will go to straight to the hips right quick.

Easy Weight Loss Tip#2: Eating Smaller Portions.

Now-a- days you cannot eat at a fast food restaurant without them asking you if you want to supersize the meal. The body is supposed to have a calorie intake of 1200 calories a day. Some of those supersize meals coming from those fast food restaurants are way over 1200 calories! Some are as high as 2,000 calories, which means that if you eat one of these fast food meals you have met your calorie intake that day. Any more food you eat will be stored as fat in your body. So please do not eat at these places regardless they are bad for you!

Find yourself a small bowl and not a plate. A plate is wide and because it’s wide it will make you psychologically want to fill up all the space in the plate with food. But with a small bowl you can only fill up the bowl so much so you are forced to get out of the trance you are in and pay attention. At first it will be hard to use a bowl if you are used to using a plate. Ignore the want that’s your mind playing tricks with you. Also you will still feel hungry after you have eaten this is also your body craving for more food because your body has gotten used to eating those empty carbohydrates to feel full. You will need to drink lots of water in the beginning to knock the urge to eat. Usually it will take a few days before those urges to eat diminish. And once this happens you will begin to notice some signs that you are losing weight.

You see in these modern times we do not exert ourselves as hard as our fore fathers did which is why they would eat a big meal and not gain weight. Back in their day they did a lot of the work manually which is why they were able to burn calories and not gain weight. Fast forward to now and it is a different story life has become more laid back. The problem is that we still eat the same big meals while our bodies are becoming more sedentary.

Eat less and lose weight!

Easy Weight Loss Tip#3: Exercise

The most dreaded word in society today is exercise. I can understand why the word and the actual doing of this event can make anyone dread it. I know I do! I had to at times force myself to go to the gym to get an hour or 2 hours of gym time. It is not that I don’t like the physical activity it is just that I find it boring. But once I started and pushed myself to the limit in the end I was glad I came to the gym and got me a good work out. By the time I got home and took a shower I was ready for bed. You will sleep better after a good work out and by morning you will wake up and be a new man!

I have seen people go to the gym and pose like they are working out when not a glimmer of sweat is glistening on their face. Or they are hanging out socializing like it’s a bar or something.

Folks the gym is for working out and getting in shape! You want to socialize and look cute go to a night club!

To lose weight and get your body to open itself up you will need to hit the weights! Whether you do the machine or the free weights you will need to bring up the weight just high enough that you feel it. Too many times I see these people using the machines or free weights and not pushing themselves. I know it hurts but that’s because your body never had to do this until now. It will get better as time progresses.

While you work out you will need to work out your whole body that means your arms, chest, midsection and legs. Do it every day Monday through Friday and rest Saturday and Sunday. Even if you are sore continue to do this after a while you will not feel pain anymore.  Do this whole body workout for an hour and if you are not drenched in sweat then you are not working hard enough! Push yourself to your body’s limit. Don’t worry your body will tell you when you have reached the limit. That’s when you begin to come back.

Drink some water give yourself time to catch your breath.

Now you will need to do some cardio! Go find a Cross Trainer get on it and look for the climb mountain level and choose that. Once you have chosen that level you will begin to feel resistance while moving the pedals and the poles back and forth. Slowly climb for a few minutes and then begin to climb quickly for a minute then slow down again.

DO that back and forth for a great Cardio workout! You will become even sweatier remember drink water during this. Keep doing the cross trainer for 15 to 20 minutes if you start feeling dizzy you can stop at anytime.

By the end of the workout you will feel as if you have accomplished something and feel real good about it. I know when I was doing this every day I finished my work out I always felt that I have accomplished something and at the same time my confidence level and energy level went up.

Within about a month you should begin seeing results of your body morphing from being overweight to a lean mean work out machine!

In the end:

I know it is a lot of information to take in but trust me it works. Forget about the quick fix that stuff does not work. Everything in life requires work and dedication so let’s look over the list again in short form this time so that you can follow it easily:

  1. Cut the Sugar
  2. Eating smaller portions(no junk food)
  3. Exercise

Those three little rules can and will help you get to a more leaner and healthy you at least your doctor will be glad you did and so will your wallet.

Please leave any comments or questions in the comment box I enjoy hearing from you!