When it’s time to send your little guy or girl to school or daycare, you might consider sending them with a little backpack to carry their lunch, stuffed animals, crayons, etc. Backpacks are great for toddlers since they can carry them on their backs and avoid dropping them, tripping over them, or splashing them through a mud puddle (although children seem to love splashing themselves into mud puddles!)

Top 3 Toddler Backpacks

Here we present the top 3 toddler backpacks available today. There are choices for every child and for every function.

Skip Hop Zoo Pack Little Kid BackpackCredit: AmazonSkip Hop Zoo Pack Little Kid Backpack

The Zoo Pack by Skip Hop is a great backpack for your small child! The cute owl face on the back will delight and entertain small children all the way to school and back (it even has little ears that pop up!). This backpack is 10 x 4 x 11.5 inches and weighs just over 10 ounces, making it big enough to carry small books, toys, clothes, or anything else your little tike needs. The only downside is that it is not quite large enough to fit a standard 8.5 x 11 binder comfortably. You can squeeze one in, but it might not fit with everything else your little one needs. However, this pack would be great for sleepovers, or daycare.

The pack is constructed out of heavy duty, BPA free, Phthalate free, and PVC free materials. The inner liner easily wipes clean in case there’s a spill, and the straps are padded to make it more comfortable. The insulated pouch is great for packing snacks and the adjustable mesh pocket on the side will hold a bottle perfectly.

Crocodile Creek Kids BackpackCredit: AmazonCrocodile Creek Kids Backpack

If your child is into bright colors and ladybugs, then is the pack for you! This pack is the perfect size for those looking for one that’s not too big and not too small. There’s enough room for a standard size folder, but it’s not so big that it comes down to your toddler’s knees. There is also a matching lunchbox available that can be carried along with the pack (and other designs).

This pack is made of very high quality materials and the construction is top-notch. This isn’t one of those cheap, one-semester bags! The pocket on the front can hold all of your child’s pens, markers, and erasers while keeping it all organized. The cushioned straps also make it easy on your kid to carry into school or day care with them.

Kelty Minnow 750 Backpack

Kelty Minnow 750 BackpackCredit: Amazon

If your child is in a hurry to get a backpack that looks “grown up” then this pack might be the right one. The Minnow looks just like a big person’s backpack but is made for children 4 to 8 years old. There is enough room in this pack for a full change of clothes and some papers.

The quality of construction on this bag is excellent! This bag will last for several years of use (assuming your little one doesn’t grow out of it first!). The tough construction also makes this a great backpack to introduce your little one to camping or backpacking with.

Where to Buy Toddler Backpacks

You can purchase these backpacks at your local department store, baby store, or online. With recent advances in cloth and fibers, these backpacks will last forever, and stand up to all the abuse your toddler can unleash on it!