Improve Eyesight Naturally

As we edge to being a technologically based community in the world, we face an increased risk of developing eyesight problems. Nowadays we’re spending hours on end working on our computers, watching televisions and using our cell phones. This causes fatigue to the eyes hence poor vision and lack of focus. It goes without saying that suffering from reduced eyesight is to be anticipated and is somehow becoming part and parcel of our lives.

Suffering from poor eyesight doesn’t condemn you to a life of suffering. It doesn’t mean regular visits to the optician, wearing eye glasses or even going through eye surgeries that might cause complications later. You can naturally improve vision by embarking on inexpensive and safe routines. Many people have undergone through untold sufferings as a result of using unusual avenues so as to make eyesight better. 

You don’t have to be a victim of the above just in case you happen to suffer from poor vision. Use natural means readily available to enhance your ability to see. Let’s have a look at the top three ways to improve vision. Follow the guidelines outlined below and you will enhance your eyesight thus increase your longevity to see.

1. Eat Well for Better Eyesight… Eating right is the most obvious way you use to naturally improve vision. Keeping your visualization intact is greatly enhanced by some foods. The eyes need several nutrients to function well. You can start with the following:

- Vitamins A, E and other minerals like copper and zinc which are extremely crucial to eyesight.

- Antioxidants such as beta carotene, litein and zeaxanthin will improve eyesight by protecting the macula from sun damage. These can be obtained from dark leafy green, egg yolks, pumpkins, yellow pepper, carrots and sweet potatoes. Research also shows that eating yellow and green vegetables can aid in preventing macular generation that is age related. Age related macular generation is a prevalent cause of blindness.

- Foods rich in sulfur, lecithicin and cysteine are known to protect eye lenses from carat formation. These all important nutrients can be found in garlic, onions, cappers and shallots.

- Blueberries and goji berries are full of anthocyanin which has both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities that naturally improve vision.

- Eat cold water fish like wild salmons so as to supply the body with fatty acids. Fatty acids cell membranes with structural support that need for better vision

2. Eye Exercises… What are these exercises you may ask, well these are exercises that help optimize you vision in addition to keep off those eye particles that are nagging to the eye. For optimum results, it is advisable that you perform them in the morning, before you get to bed and any other time when your eyes are fatigued.

Just remember to wash your hands before performing these eye exercises to make sure you don’t expose the eyes to harmful external materials. Be in a relaxed mood as well. Embark on a daily routine and strictly stick to it especially if you’re suffering from farsightedness and nearsightedness. Adhering to a strict regimen should provide tangible results in a month or so. Follow these tips for better results:

- Start by making your eyes warm. This is done by rubbing the palms together to generate heat. Proceed to place them on the face against the eyes for not less than five seconds. Repeat the same procedure three times.

- The rolling of the eyes is yet another exercise you can adopt. As you look in the upward direction, circle your eyes gradually in the clockwise direction for about ten minutes. Repeat the same procedure in the anticlockwise manner for the same number of minutes.

- Perform the focus exercise. This is done by placing a pen within the length of the arm and then bringing it close within a distance of not more than 6 inches away from the nose. The pen is then moved back, while making sure that the eyes remain focused on the pen. The same procedure is repeated about 10 times. Those with farsightedness and nearsightedness issues will benefit from this exercise.

- To naturally improve vision, the temples would do with some massage. This is done by use of thumb knuckles to give the temples a massage in a circular or spiral motion. To get the best results do this 20 times in each direction. The same procedure is then repeated but this time on the area between the eye brows slightly above the forehead.

- To help relax the eyesight further and to naturally improve vision a small nap would come in handy. Lead your lean on a comfortable surface, preferably a chair, shut your eyes and loosen up for three minutes

3. Let Your Eyes Rest… When you don’t let your eyes rest, it is needless to say that you put yourself at risk of developing problems like poor night vision among other complication that could be detrimental to your eye health. Having enough hours of sleep every day is paramount when it comes to eye health. Sleep can be used to naturally improve vision since it not only lets the eyes rest but also enables them revitalize and recover. Doctors recommend that get at least eight hours of sleep on a daily basis.

While it is impossible at times, giving your eyes some time to rest in between your working hours can prove to very beneficial. Take a 10 minutes break each hour to make sure your eye rest sufficiently. In case your eyes feel extremely exhausted, you may have to consider lying down and have your eyelids covered with pieces of cucumber.

Eyes are a very integral part of our bodies. They make us see and in effect help us carry on with our lives smoothly. It is therefore of utmost importance that they should give all the attention they need to keep them healthy. That your eyes will remain in a healthy condition for the better

part of your life is not guaranteed. In-case you happen to develop poor vision, there is no cause for alarm since you can naturally improve vision by following tips provided above. Natural ways are preferable to many people not only because they’re cheap but because they’re safe as well.