Which Weights Set?

If you are looking for the best weights set option for your home gym but are not sure which type of weights to get, here is some information to help you. There are three main types of weights that are common in a home gym, and we will take a quick look at the pros and cons of each one.


Dumbbells are a very versatile and inexpensive options that will give you a number of workout options while taking up a limited amount of space. You can go all out on a set like the Spacesavers or Powerblock which are a huge convenience, though they cost real money. For many users of a home gym, a quality set of dumbbells will cover nearly every need.

Pros of Dumbbells:

  • starter sets are cheap
  • take very little room in the home gym
  • can be used for a wide range of activities

Cons of Dumbbells:

  • there is  a weight limit
  • they can be dropped
  • some exercises cannot be performed
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Free Weights

For those looking to step up from dumbbells because they need or want more significant weight to life or press, free weights are the best place to start without spending a ton of money. Inexpensive sets are very affordable, yet high quality sets also exist that will run you a bit more. Free weights are the ultimate in versatility, but they do take up space and time to adjust.

Pros of Free Weights:

  • covers a huge range of exercises
  • inexpensive for a starter set

Cons of Free Weights:

  • safety concern if lifting too much weight
  • hassle to adjust
  • many parts to store

Weight Machine

If your home gym has the room, a weight machine or rack system is a great option. With these machines you will get more than enough weight that is designed to be used in a number of specific motions on the machine, like presses and pulls with handles on a pulley system. Weight machines are much safer than free weights but limit what you can do as the weights are fixed to the machine.

Pros of a Weight Machine:

  • much safer than free weights
  • exercises are easy to understand
  • plenty of weight

Cons of a Weight Machine:

  • limited number of exercises
  • takes a lot of space
  • can be expensive

What's the Best Weights Set For You?

As you can see, the best set depends on what you plan to do. Here is some advice that might help.

Weights Set Options for Home GymIf you want a wide range of motion but don't need heavy weight, or you have a small space, go with dumbbells. Specially, check out the Powerblock dumbbells for the greatest in convenience and fast changes of the weight.

If you want more weight but don't have the room or budget for a weight machine, check out a quality free weight set. You will want a weight bench to get the most from this set, so watch your budget.

If you have the room and want to avoid the spare parts that come from free weights, but you need a lot of weight to lift, find a nice weight machine. There are a ton of options, so shop around and find one that works well for the exercises you plan to do most.

These are the top 3 weights set options for a home gym. One of them should work just right for you.