Because so many men struggle with gift giving here is a good list of this years top 3 women's Christmas gifts. 2010 Christmas shopping hasn't changed much over the last year or so and as a result many of the items that are perennial candidates were candidates again this year. Typical women's Christmas gifts include lingerie, perfume, chocolates, and clothing but this year the top gifts are more focused on niche products which are both trendy and modern but also practical and traditional.

Although each of the preceding options may be good choices for some women you should take the time to buy your lady a gift which is a little more personalized and built more for her needs and wants rather than by conventional gift giving wisdom. The top women's Christmas gifts list that Amazon publishes is a great place to start for brainstorming ideas too.

Christmas gifts in 2010 should still abide by the rules that accompany tough economic times for families. Buying your wife or girlfriend exotic gifts or fantastic vacations may be a little too much and buying basic necessities such as clothing, handbags, or perfume may be a little too predictable and boring. The following items are good women's Christmas gifts that make sense for families who are more concerned with healthy finances and more concerned with practicality.

Top 3 Women's Christmas Gifts 2010

Electronic Goods and Products - This is no longer a man's world when it comes to electronic gadgets, plasma TVs, and vieo gaming consols. There are now electronics made for every room in the house including rooms typically considered to be the woman's domain. High end sewing machines, kitchen gadgets, net book computers, and all forms of digital entertainment units such as the Wii Fit, IPads, and digital cookbooks, among others are great options. In fact there are a million different options in the technology isle which can easily satisfy a woman this Christmas. In fact 2010 women's Christmas gifts in the electronic arena may be one of the smartest gifts you can buy because electronics are often quite versatile and practical while simultaneously entertaining. This makes your money spent go farter and make more of an impact.

Fashion Accessories – As opposed to buying new clothing for a woman this Christmas consider, instead, buying her high end fashion accessories to go with her current wardrobe. Fashion accessories include designer handbags, belts, boots, laptop bags, women's wedge shoes, or trendy leather gloves just to name a few options. It may seem better to buy new clothes but in a tough economy most people don't usually need a new wardrobe and new accessories can often make an old wardrobe look new and for a lower price.

These types of accessories are also the kinds of items that women' tend to have less variety in and thus they can make for excellent gifts this Christmas 2010. Sure, some accessories can get quite pricey but if you stick to the basics made of high quality materials you can probably make out pretty good. Women's Christmas gifts don't have to be the best things they've ever received they simply have to come from the heart and align with her tastes, needs, and style.

Day Spa Packages – Typical splurge type Christmas gifts for a woman include romantic vacations to exotic locations. The basic premise behind these types of gifts is that a woman, like anyone, needs to kick back at times, unwind and create memories. Vacations satisfy these needs by whisking a woman away somewhere for a week or two at a time however the drawback is the costs. This year it may not yet be prudent to spend the money on large ticket vacations but it may be worth it to deliver the same feelings and experiences for your wife or girlfriend by buying her a day spa package with a local spa for multiple visits throughout the winter and spring.

This is in the top women's Christmas gifts 2010 edition simply because it is a gift to your woman of relaxation and pampering without the added expense of taking the family out on a long and expensive vacation. And not only does the enjoyment for her occur on the day of the visit but if you buy her a multi day package over a few months she can continually relive the experience for weeks and months at a time depending on the size of the package.

Like some of the other preceding Christmas gift ideas a day spa package may be more practical for some women more than others and the cost saving may be substantial based on the magnitude of your typical vacations so this Christmas gift idea may only be good for some couples. As always you should consider the wants of the woman you are buying for any gift to truly be great.

More Top 2010 Christmas Gifts For The Cash Strapped

Many of the above ladies Christmas gift ideas are geared for pampering with a hint of frugality and practicality involved but for some families and couples the splurge ust simply isn't possible due to financial restrictions. If you are looking for excellent Women's Christmas gift ideas which do not cost a lot you can always stay true to the trend of sticking to functional and practical luxuries but just scale it back a little bit.

Fancy stationary items are always abundant in many high end stores and they tend to cost a very reasonable amount and are appreciated by most people. Fine pens and papers are items we all love but rarely buy for ourselves and these would make great Christmas gifts for the woman you love. Similarly you can always buy your lady luxury versions of the normal items she buys on a regular basis.

If she drinks coffee you can buy her a high end bag of coffee grind, if she loves sweets you can buy her the best varieties of her favorite sweets. And if things are really tight the top women's Christmas gift of nay year is to simply spend more time with her. Women are loving by nature and emotional and simply giving her more of yourself may make the difference in making Christmas 2010 one of her best ever.