It is difficult to keep your finger on the pulse of america celebrity, but not impossible. You can scan the local grocery store for the trash mags, and gossip rags.  You can watch the news to see who is in the public eye. Or, you can do what I do and just check out with up to the minute monitoring of what is hot online. The site also indexes every website online. You can see where it ranks as far as unique users per day, and page impressions. I find this to be the best way to keep up with what is going on in the world. A lot of the time i'll see stories that haven't been covered by local news, and ones that might even get skipped over all together. Who is popping today november 7th 2011?

Suprisingly the number one person being searched today hasn't had a single blockbuster or sitcom ever. You might not even know anything about her unless you keep up with beauty pagents. If you didn't guess her by now you still won't know who she is when I tell you it's Ivian Sarcos. She isn't just the top person being searched, she is the top anything number one on hot topics for Alexa as of 11:53 AM.  

The next top person online is Hilary Swank she has had a few block busters and probably a guest spot on tv. In fact she is the third youngest person ever to win two Academy Awards for best actress. However what is probably setting the internet world on fire is the fact that she dropped her publicists and managment of 8 years. This is all said to have stemmed from her having lunch with an alleged human rights violator. Who is next up on our list?

Well love her or hate her Kim Kardashian is still riding the wave of success from her failed marriage.  After selling the rights to e for her wedding for millions of dollars the couple called it quits after only 72 days of being married.  The funny thing is that is still not the shortest marriage in hollywood. Hopefully Brittany Spears will keep that title forever. With her weekend long marriage.  Is it any wonder so many real marriages end in divorce?