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This wasn't the year for the flat screen TV. They've become a listed casualty as a result of the recession. Shipments are on a decline since demand continues to go the wrong direction. And manufacturers can't seem to budge on the prices; all the features like internet access, 3D image, and other upgrades have kept the prices too high for consumers to reach. But that still doesn't mean there aren't some good deals to be found. If you're still on the search for a good flat screen TV, don't fret, as I've listed some of the best deals in this article. All over 200 dollars in savings.

A thoroughly reviewed 42-inch flat screen TV from Amazon is the LG 42LD550. This TV has Netcast Wi-Fi entertainment access. I know, I know, internet isn't a feature most people need, but check this out. Netcast allows you to watch movies from Netflix, CinemaNow, and Vudu - the largest collection of HD movies in 1080p - plus listen to music from Pandora, a special brand of internet radio. Again, the price has been slashed giving you well over 200 dollars in savings. Some of the other features include full HD 1080p resolution, meaning you'll get a crisp and clear image. And 150,000:1 Dynamic contrast ratio; giving you brighter whites and darker blacks. With LG being a passionate supporter of living green, this flat screen TV saves you on energy costs while keeping you entertained.

Another money-saving flat screen TV is Samsung's LN40C630. This is a 40-inch TV able to output full HD 1080p. It'll save you money beyond just being on sale, the LN40C630 surpasses the Energy Star standards meaning extra cash in your pocket from lower utility bills. It has 4 HDMI inputs - more than most really need - a PC input and two USB ports. This model also features a game mode which adjusts the picture quality to enhance video game play - faster image response times, and better sound - ideal for visually appealing, movie length cut-scenes you typically see in games. It comes with a neat accessory, the 2010 LinkStick, which allows you wireless access to Samsung's Internet@TV; a great compliment to any Samsung wireless home theater system. Overall this is a great, highly reviewed flat screen TV that won't hurt you financially.

Since the LG 42LD450 has the top spot in Amazon's 100 best sellers list, I'd be crazy not to add this. The 42LD450 is a 42-inch 1080p TV and has been cut drastically; there's no internet connectivity or 3D imaging so they've been able to reduce it substantially. This TV offers full HD - a 200 percent difference in picture from regular HD - has 100,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, and a picture wizard that allows for easy adjustment of backlight levels, color, and tint for superior picture quality. Other features include 24P Real Cinema for an exact movie theater experience, Clear Voice II for perfect audio when it comes to dialogue, and Infinite Sound for engaging sounds. The LG 42LD450 flies in the face of failing TV sales.

You really can't go wrong with any of these choices. They'll all save you a bunch of money while ensuring excellent picture quality. Sharp LCD flat screen TVs are other good options as they've been rated highly by experts and customers alike. Just a heads up, there will always be good deals and savings to be found if you keep an eye-out. Always stay informed, and be sure to shop around. Good luck!