#4. Darryl Strawberry & Keith Hernandez

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In the 1980s, Strawberry and Hernandez were teammates on the New York Mets.  They hated each other’s guts.  The most infamous story is when they got into a brawl while taking the Mets’ team picture.  In 1990, Strawberry left for the Dodgers.  The same year, Keith left for the Cleveland Indians for his final season in the MLB.  Keith is now an announcer for the New York Mets.  I bet Darryl wasn’t happy about Keith’s infamous guest spot on Seinfeld

#3. Barry Bonds & Jeff Kent

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The basis for this feud is an argument over a seat on a team bus during spring training.  Barry Bonds and Jeff Kent never got along from that point forward while playing for the San Francisco Giants.  With that said, the feud didn’t hurt their productivity on the field.  They won back-to-back NL MVP Awards in 2000 and 2001.  In 2002, the Giants lost the World Series in 6 games to the Anaheim Angels.  Despite their success, they had a dugout shoving match during the 2002 season.  After the World Series loss, Kent signed a 2-year deal with the Astros and ended the match made in hell.  Barry Bonds retired with the Giants after the 2007 season.

#2. Donovan McNabb & Terrell Owens

“Black on black crime” are the exact words used by Donovan McNabb during the 2005 season to describe the verbal attacks on him by Terrell Owens while the two were teammates with the Philadelphia Eagles.  The two had a media enthused falling out after T.O. felt slighted when Donovan spoke out for fellow teammate Brian Westbrook’s contract situation.  Terrell was looking for a better contract, and felt that McNabb should have spoke out for him, too.  It ended very badly with a 6-10 record.  The most famous video coming out of this is Owens doing sit-ups in his own driveway while surrounded by media cameras.

Worst Teammates

T.O. was cut by the Eagles mid-season, and eventually signed with their division rivals, the Dallas Cowboys.  Donovan stayed with the Eagles until being traded to the Washington Redskins in 2009.

#1. Shaquille O’Neal/Kobe Bryant

Shaq and Kobe are the most successful bad teammates in history.  They won back-to-back-to-back NBA Championships (2000, 2001, and 2002) with the Los Angeles Lakers.  Their strong personalities clashed.  They had a publicized falling out though the media.  Both took shots at each other.  O’Neal made comments regarding Kobe needing to pass the ball more.  In return, Kobe said that Shaq cameWorst Teammates(124686)Credit: jackandstilettojill.com into camp “fat and out of shape.”  Their chance for a fourth ring ended in the 2004 NBA Finals with a loss in 5 games to the Detroit Pistons.  After the volatile season, Shaq demanded a trade and Kobe made it clear that he would not re-sign with the Lakers if O’Neal stayed.  Before the 2005 season, Shaq was traded to the Miami Heat.  The day after O’Neal was traded Kobe signed a seven year deal with the Lakers.  The two have not spoken much since.