Are you out of ideas when it comes to using your basement as an extra room? Well, as long as you have that extra space in your house, ideas should never run out.

There are plenty of things you can do to your basement and turn it from a dark storage room to a fully functional area that can be a hit to your family and friends.

So don't give up, because here are a few fun basement finishing ideas that you can turn your extra dark room below into the most popular area in your house and add value to your home at the same time:

1. Game room – do you love going to sports bars and watch the game there? Turn your room into a haven when baseball season or Superbowl season arrives by having a room complete with your own personal bar, a huge flat TV screen, a big comfortable couch, and even a pool table. Your friends and family will sure spend the majority of their time in this room – once you make the game room a reality.

2. Wine cellar – Are you a wine connoisseur or you just simply love wine? Having your own wine cellar would be a great collection to your house. A wine cellar is a great accessory, but you should also know that this requires a wine cooling system in the room.

3. Theater room – it's perfect. You don't need that much sound proofing since the room is already located in the basement. Who doesn't want his own personal theater in his home? Be the envy of the neighborhood when you turn your basement into a movie house! This is probably the most popular out of all the basement finishing ideas people come up with.

4. Gym – if you are a health buff and you don't have enough space in your house for a personal gym, you can always turn your basement into a fitness wonderland. This room will require a good ventilation system and a dehumidifying system so it won't get too stuffy when you get sweaty.

As long as there is space when building a basement, ideas will always come pouring. Gather your family for a meeting and ask them to vote what kind of room they want to turn your basement renovation into. You don't have to strain yourself over what kind of room to turn your basement into. Ask your family, maybe they have a few basement finishing ideas to share.

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