A Los Angeles personal injury lawyer can help you file for worker’s compensation to get partial income while you recover from injuries you got from the job or file a lawsuit against the employer or any other third parties to recover the whole amount of the damages you sustained.

However, if you are working in the construction industry, it would still be prudent to know that you are working at an industry with a high accident rate.

Having a way to get partial income or recover your losses is all well and good, but you should also take the time to recognize the dangers of working in a construction site so you can take reasonable measures to prevent any untoward incidents.

To help you, here is some of the most common causes of construction accidents:

  • Lack of safety equipment

Employers are required to provide a reasonably safe working environment for their workers and this includes safety equipment and gears to their employees.

This includes safety clothes like a hard hat, gloves and boots, and fall arrest equipments like harnesses or safety nets.

  • Malfunctioning heavy machineries

Another common cause of construction accidents are malfunctioning machines like forklifts, tractors and cranes.

Construction machine malfunctions may be caused by a safety defect, ill-maintenance or just simply being operated by a non-qualified worker.

  • Unqualified and untrained employees

As said before, construction work is one of the most dangerous in the US, so placing an individual in there that do not have the experience or necessary training is an act of severe negligence.

Construction machineries and tools need special skills before it can be operated properly.

  • Non Compliance to OSHA policies

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has set standards that should be followed to minimize, if not eliminate, the risk of injury or death in the construction industry.

If the construction company fails to meet those standards then they can be considered negligent.

Getting help

As said above, you have more than one option if you get injured in a construction accident.

You can either file a lawsuit against your employer or just take advantage of the worker’s compensation coverage from your company.

Either way, the Los Angeles personal injury attorneys of the Mesriani Law Group can help you in both.