Christmas is a holiday that is as synonymous with family fun as much as it with lavish food, copious presents and large alcohol consumption. It is a time when families come together to share in the merriment that only the Christmas holiday can provide. Known for being a period of great celebration and exuberance, new and fun entertainment choices to fill spare time are always on the agenda. 

The games chosen are all ones that I have personally enjoyed with my family throughout past festive holidays and I’m sure reading this you will be able to relate to them yourself, perhaps bringing back memories from younger years. Without further ado here, in no particular order, is my selection of what I regard to be the best family games to play at Christmas.


The first of the two board games on my list, Monopoly is a timeless classic that many of you will have probably played before. If you want to learn the basic rules, check out this guide. Monopoly is always high on the list for best family games to play at Christmas due to it being well paced and just simply good fun; be it strategically planning your victory or just buying everything you land on (my preferred option). There are so many different variations on the monopoly board available these days, you can be sure that there is a Monopoly game out there to suit everyone. In fact, if you’re struggling to think of a potential presents, then why not check out this selection of Monopoly Games!

Monopoly Board

20 Questions

A very simple game, 20 Questions is a guessing game whereby one person chooses a secret subject and then can only give a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’ answer to the questioners (everyone else). It is a fun family game that can be played in spare moments unlike the longer board games on this list that require more of a time commitment. It is also a good game for younger children as it helps to promote creativity and the use of reasoning to deduce the answer. 


Discarding options like Scrabble and Cluedo, I’ve plumped for the war game Risk as the second and final board game in my list. It is another great Christmas game that is guaranteed fun and likely to bring out that competitive spirit amongst the family. Although, it is possible that tensions might arise as the aim of total world domination might cause a few family rifts (especially with secret alliances that often form!).

Risk Board Game(113439)


Charades is another classic game that can be enjoyed by all the family during the Christmas season. As with 20 Questions, Charades is another guessing game although with a few differences. The main one being that whoever has come up with the word or phrase can use physical language to mime or act out the subject to the audience to guess. If you have a large family then it’s an ideal game to split into teams and make the game a bit more competitive.


Well, that concludes my list; I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any favourite family games to play at Christmas then please comment and share!