Semi TruckCredit: I, PRA [GFDL (, CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or CC-BY-2.5 (], via Wikimedia CommonsChoosing the right truck driver gifts can make working over the road, for the trucker in your life, a whole lot easier. The average trucker can face numerous obstacles when it comes to staying entertained, eating right and staying in touch. These gift ideas for truckers are designed to help eliminate those obstacles and make living on the road a more convenient experience. As you will notice these present ideas all offer some of the comforts of life at home.   

All the Comforts of Home: Best Gifts for Truck Driver's

Power Inverter

A power inverter can be more than a life saver. Giving this as a gift to the truck driver(s) in your life can be providing them with a way to: watch tv; charge a cell phone; run a mini-fridge or cooler; use a DVD player; microwave; computer and just about any other any other device that runs on electricity. If you present them with this gift it won't take long for them to wonder how they survived without it. 

 Be sure to carefully research your power inverter before purchase to ensure its safety and wattage both meet the standards of what it will be used for.    

Stove on the Go

Portable Stove on the GoThese nifty little appliance-like devices, which oddly enough resemble a lunch box, can be an easy way for your truck driver to have a real home-style cooked meal while out on the road. They can simply plug it into a 12 volt power supply or the cigarette lighter in their truck, place the food within the container and let it cook. In no time at all they have a hot meal, without having to pay outrageous prices at a truck stop or roadside café.   

Portable Coolers and Warmers (or Combo's)

Portable coolers and warmers can be found separately or in some cases like the RoadPro Snack Master -- one unit can provide both cooling and warming functions. These can make great gifts for truck drivers as it gives them a means to keep drinks, snacks and other foods on hand without inconvenient and often expensive stops at convenience stores. Depending on the size of the unit that you purchase and the individual, these can often hold days worth of small meals, snacks or beverages.   

Portable TV/DVD Combo's

TV DVD player for Cars Over the road life for truckers can be long, lonely and boring. Surprise them with a gift that will help bring a bit of entertainment back into their days or nights with a tv and dvd combo. There are all sorts of makes, models, styles and brands to choose from and some will offer more features than others such as: bluetooth and radio capabilities. This, when used as a gift for truckers, will allow them to enjoy a movie on the go and make for hours of priceless entertainment that may otherwise be filled with lonely silence.    These gifts for truck drivers are meant to help provide them with some of the comforts of home that a lot of truckers miss out on during long hauls that take them away from home and family for weeks at a time.