My Personal Journey in Finding the Best Psychics in the World

I must toot my horn when I say that this is probably going to be the most comprehensive and honest reviews of the top 3 psychics on Keen, at least the most comprehensive psychic review that I've read. (For those that don't know Keen is a website where you get live advice on just about any subject from finance to romance. And to be honest, I've only ever called for romantic advice with a few questions about jobs and business sprinkled in.)

And while most people won't openly admit that they have or would ever consult with a psychic or tarot reader, I am about to for the first time, ever. You're probably wondering why? Simply because my life is working now, particularly in my romantic relationship and that is the number one reason most people call psychics or tarot readers and that is because of love. And I really want people to stop believing in the pipe dreams that dishonest psychics and tarot readers often sell.

 Regrettably, I've spent thousands of dollars over the years to get the answers I was looking for in love and in some cases money. There were also times I was frankly addicted. And even more regrettably, no one ever really talks about psychic addiction, with the exception of the book: “Psychic Junkie”. I was one for a long time. I would call reader after reader until I got the answer I was looking for. Most times, the answer was WRONG.

 What Makes a Psychic, Tarot Reader or Intuitive Great?

They'll always tell you the truth, no matter how many times you call or how many different ways you ask. Meaning they aren't going to blow smoke up your a!ss about the butthole you are dating.

They'll discourage you from calling too much. Now how's that for integrity. Great psychics will tell you when it's time to lay off of the redial button. If they feel like you're totally out of control, they may even block you from calling – for your own good. There is a such thing as an addiction. And calling too much really takes you out of the driver's seat for your own life and leaves you BROKE.

They may have to make some common sense judgments. Sometimes when I read reader feedback I read all of this mumbo jumbo about a reader being non-judgmental. I'm sorry that's usually code for “I'm involved with a married man/woman and I'm glad you didn't judge me.” And 9 times out of time, married men/women entanglements don't end well at all. My mother always said: “how you get em' is how you keep em'”. That's momma code for: The same way you met him is the same way you lose him. Simple as that. And while dating badly is a rite of passage, in that you must love wrong before you love right. Dating married men/women RARELY if ever have happy endings and they're usually plagued with bad karma. A reader will tell you that NICELY, if you didn't already know or if your libido is somehow keeping your from this universal truth. A great reader will also suggest how you can attract an TRULY available mate.

A great intuitive will help you get what you want (things that are truly good for you). The really good ones are masters at the law of attraction. And I didn't say PERFECT. Typically they'll excel in ONE one thing GOOD when it comes to this law. It's either money, love or overall happiness and every so often you do have some that have mastered all three. But we all come into this life with something learn and grow from. Intuitives are just a catalyst to help us all get there.

The Top 3 Psychics on Keen

  1. Goddess Dawn Tarot: This woman is the BUSINESS seriously. As her name suggests she reads tarot cards. And since, I don't really know squat about tarot, she breaks it down simply, easily and painstakingly. Now, there is some shuffling and sometimes it takes a few seconds longer than you really think it should, but in the end it's all worth it. Goddess Dawn Tarot many months ago told me over and over that my relationship was over. I asked in a million cajillion ways. “Well, Dawn, what if I called him?”, “What if I bumped into him on a dark street?”, “What if I broke my leg and he saw me limping around at a Starbucks across the street from his house” LOL..just kidding about the last part. But she told me the TRUTH. He wasn't coming back. He wasn't mature enough to be in a relationship. Actually a few weeks after I met him and I thought things were going good, but this little nudge inside of me kept telling me something different, I conferred with Dawn, and she told me what I KNEW really in my heart. For this I seriously love this woman to pieces. I ended up meeting someone right after this guy and he is the man of my dreams. And I NEVER would have met him had I been holding out for the butthole before. And best of all she confirms what I already know about my guy now. And we've been going strong for a while now.

  2. Alpha Female (Solara): To be totally honest, I haven't called her in YEARS. Like at least 7 or 8. Not that she isn't good. She is, often frighteningly so, it's because her BLOG is outstanding, though she hasn't written in it in ages, that I didn't need to call her. She's one intuitive that GETS the Law of Attraction. She makes this list because, I honestly believe that if it wasn't for her, I would have never met the guy I am with now. It was Dawn in #1 who gave me the specifics about where my previous butthole guy was at and it was Solara who honestly taught me how to meet a better guy, JUST WITH HER WRITINGS. Her blog is phenomenal. I also did the flash card affirmations she suggested and within weeks, I met the man of my dreams. Honestly this man has everything I've ever wanted in a mate. During that time I needed to work on me. And that's also what I did. But I also read Solara's blog until my little hands hurt from scrolling up and down. Solara also writes brilliantly about how to ASK questions to psychics and tarot card readers. Vague questions yield vague answers. 

  3. Adviser Arieal: Top notch psychic. I've also spoken to her off and on for years. While she's a bit more curt in her approach, I still appreciate honesty. This woman told me the color car the guy I was dating was driving and it was RIGHT ON. She was also specific about behavior down to spending habits and saving, that she NEVER could have known if she wasn't a psychic. I like these little nit picky details, they really legitimize the reading. Arieal is also a super fast reader as well.

Additional do's and don'ts:

1. Never "test a psychic": This is just plain stupid to me and a waste of time and money. Read reviews carefully. When you find a psychic you are interested in do some internet searching on the reader, you'll be surprised what you might find on review boards. Trust your gut about the way you feel about a psychic  too in regards to whether there is a connection or not. And BE HONEST. Just because you didn't hear what you wanted doesn't constitute a lack of a connection.

2. Write Down EVERYTHING the psychic told you: Sometimes things don't make sense right away. Right things down to later refer to. But don't stay on the line when blatent facts are wrong. See #4.

3. Read psychic testimonials carefully: Be very careful about glowing testimonials which only suggest pie in the sky predictions. Testimonials should read also - "told me the truth" and "wasn't what I wanted to hear" and "mentioned specific things that only she/he could have known."

4. Hang up if the FACTS are Wrong: While you should give the right intuitive or clarivoyant time to connect, you should NOT hang on the line, when the facts are just WRONG. If they're saying that your dog has crossed over and you've never owned a pet, well that's a clear sign to end the call.

So there you have it,  my best psychic review of the top psychics on Keen. Remember that there are great psychics out there. But you need to do a little research and read reviews carefully to find your very own best psychic in the world.