What I wish to achieve throughout this article is to make you aware of the most notorious figures in history who rarely get a mention in modern day society, If you have any objections towards these decisions feel free to leave comments or contact me.

4. Gaius Verres

Verres was a highly corrupt figure in history, who ran his entire life on debauchery and criminal activities. Most of all he is well known for his excesive use of bribery, in 74BC he managed to gain the praetorship (effectively controlled the army in Rome and law) by bribing a great many people, slightly ironic.
Verres gained his notoriety though due to his scandalous governorship of Sicily, in which he was set loose with little or no control over his actions and he pretty much decided that he would do anything and everything criminal under the sun. First of all he ruined the wheat-growers and the tax collectors through scamming them out of money and by cancelling their contracts. Verres then decided that he would rob temples and private houses of statues and expensive pieces of art and place them in his mansion in Rome. He made use of the war against Spartacus by choosing the slaves of rich land owners and farmers and claiming that they were involved in Sparacus's uprising, he would then sentance the slaves to be crucified!, and convince the slaves owners that if they paid Verres a considerable fee he would not allow the slave to be sentanced to death. Sometimes Verres was known to have claimed that land owners owned a slave, who Verres had purely fictionalised and then when the land owners could not produce the slave Verres would put him in prison until the land owner bribed him to let him out. Verres was also known to have been involved in a planned attempted rape.
All in all Verres was a bad guy, and when he was finally sentanced to be put on trial by the senate, he fleed Rome.

3. Barabbas

This guy is usually overlooked in history as being a bad guy, but trust me he is. First of all he managed to commit some major crimes which managed to get him the death sentance and then he is pitted against Jesus an innocent man, on who will live or die, and the croud decided that Barabbas would be set free. Enough said.
bad guy, obscure movie.

2. Hanzo Hattori

The leader of a ninja clan in the 16th century in Japan, he is perhaps one of the most well known japaneese ninjas but I have considered him obscure because he is relatively unknown in western culture. Hanzo is more notorious not because his actions were evil or uncessesary in those times but he is notorious because of the pure scale of violence that he used in his exploits. He served in his first battle at the age of sixteen, he then went on to serve Tokugawa a well known general of this age. He then fought at the battle of Anagawa in 1570, were once he realised the battle was almost lost he led a night raid against the enemy, involving sneaking into there well guarded camp and killing so many of them that he forced them to withdraw from the battle. It was more Hanzos reputation which made him a most feared individual, he developed this reputation mostly through stories made about him, some involving him being invisible or being able to teleport from place to place. In 1582 Hanzo managed to protect Togugawa from being killed by Mituhide who had killed his master Oda Nobunaga, by protecting him with a force of 300 ninjas. Hatori Hanzo is particularly famous in Japan for his death in 1590 were he was killed in a battle, he was burned to deathby flaming oil. Hanzo Hattori has been portrayed in a number of different ways due to his reputation, In the film Kill Bill the sword master in the film is even named after him. Just to prove how notorious he was his nick-name was Devil-Hanzo.


1. Rasputin

This was some evil guy, even his name sounds evil, say it to yourself gives you chills. This guy is notorious both for his death and for his spookily weird service to the Tsar. Rasputins early life is filled with strange stories of weird rituals which I do not wish to go into depth with, but just no that they were weird.
Rasputin had a brother and sister, his sister was drowned and his brother fell into a pond was saved but then died of pneumonia shortly after, make out of this what you will, but apparently this had a profound effect upon Rasputins later life and he later named his own children after them,creepy.
Rasputin was later made the healer of the Tsar's son Alexie were he pretty much had little or no assistance in that actual healing of the boy but claimed he did. Rasputin had a large amount of controversy surrounding him during his job as a healer, most of this controversey surrounded his sexual activity at this time, incuding the supposed rape of a nun. Rasputin took part in a great deal of dodgy activites as healer including bribery.
But the real notoriety of Rasputin is in his death, he was supposedly first stabbed by a prostitute, causing his entrails to fall out, ew, but he recovered from this after surgery. Over 2 years later after this first attempted murder the nobles banded together and lured Rasputin to the palace where they fed him red wine and cake laced with extreme amounts of cyanide. But he survived this even though there was supposedly enough cyanide in the food to kill five men. After this failure the Prince who was one of the nobles involved, shot Rasputin with a revolver, then fled but as soon he went outside he realised, "Hey this is Russia, its cold" (not direct quote, lol) went back to get his coat. And while he was there he decided to check to see if Rasputin was dead, at which point Rasputin opened his eyes grabbed the Prince by the throat and supposedly whispered in his ear,"you bad boy", now if thats not creepy I dont know what is, he then tried to strangle the prince but the other nobles arrived and opened fire on Rasputin, hitting him three times. Rasputin fell but when the nobles checked his body they found that he was still alive, at which point they wrapped him in a sheet and threw him in a ice cold river. Oh and to top it all off when his body was recovered and he was cremated he apparently sat up while in the fire, horryfying the whole crowd. Now that is some evil guy.

one creepy guy