The Eastern Hockey League existed from 1933-34 to 1972-73, starting out as the Eastern Amateur Hockey League before changing names in the 1950’s. When the EHL ceased operations after the 1972-73 season, the remaining teams formed two new leagues, the North American Hockey League and the Southern Hockey League.

During the league’s existence, the 60 goal plateau was reached 23 times with three different players accomplishing the feat twice. Just one player in the history of the EHL scored more than 70 goals in a single season.

Chuck Stuart set the eternal EHL mark for most goals in a single season with 78 over 66 games as a member of the Philadelphia Ramblers in 1962-63. He also led the league with 153 points that season. Stuart played his entire pro hockey career in the EHL from 1956-57 to 1968-69. Over those 12 seasons, he totaled an impressive 513 goals. In his rookie year, Chuck scored 58 goals for the Johnstown Jets. He would surpass the 60 goal plateau again in 1965-66, scoring 62 for the Knoxville Knights.

Borden Smith scored 69 goals in 67 games for the amazing Clinton Comets in 1967-68. The Comets lost just five of 72 games that season and had three players score 60 or more. Smith added another 19 goals in 14 playoff games for a grand total of 88 goals. Borden played in the EHL from 1963-64 to 1972-73 and scored 407 goals during the regular season. He is one of the three players to scored 60 or more twice in the EHL with exactly 60 in 1965-66 with Clinton.

Gary Sharp also scored 69 goals in 1964-65 with the Greensboro Generals. However, Sharp’s goals were spread over 72 games, giving Borden Smith the slight edge for the second best total in EHL history. Sharp played in the league from 1960-61 to 1968-69, mostly with Greensboro. Like Stuart and Smith, Sharp also reached 60 one more time in his EHL career with 60 in 1962-63 with the Generals. He scored 384 regular season goals over his EHL career.

Luc Simard led the EHL in the league’s final season, 1972-73, with 68 goals in 75 games for the Cape Cod Cubs. He scored 67 goals the following season for Cape Cod but the club was now a member of the NAHL. In his final year of pro hockey, 1975-76, Simard went out with a bang, scoring 73 goals in 70 games between the Cape Codders and the Beauce Jaros in the NAHL. In 1969-70, he scored a whopping 90 goals in just 56 QMJHL games for the Trois Rivieres Ducs. Unbelievably, the total wasn’t good enough to lead the league. That honour went to Guy Lafleur of the Quebec Remparts, who scored 103 goals in 56 games. Simard did win the scoring title that year with 174 points to Lafleur’s 170.