Clear that frosting!

Level 30(128374)

Candy Crush is an extremely popular game currently being played on mobile devices, tablets and desktops.  Level 30 is tough due to the number of fruits that you need to bring down to the bottom – and the frosting that stands in the way!

 To start, this board has a triangle of frosting covering the spaces at the bottom and 6 pieces of fruit that need to get to the bottom.  You have 60 moves to get ALL 6 jellies to the bottom.

 Now onto the tips...

 1) Clear the frosting first – This is key as the fruit can come down any row that it wants.  If you just clear a path for 1 fruit, it’s just as likely that the next one will show up in a different row, forcing you to clear the frosting anyways.

 2) Set up vertical candy stripe combinations – Setting up vertical candy combinations will both clear all of the frosting in a row and bring the fruit all the way to the bottom (if it was lucky enough to be in that row).   These are by far the most efficient way to bring the fruits to the bottom, so don’t use these right away if you don’t have to.

 3) If you get stuck, try to make combinations at the top – Sometimes you’re going to have fruit stuck near the bottom with no combinations to make.  In these cases, the only thing you can do is create combinations at the top and hope to alter the layout of the bottom.  The more vertical striped candy combinations you make, the more the bottom will change and hopefully get you the candy you need!

 4) Don’t switch the row that your fruit is in without good reason – Just because you can make a combination doesn’t mean you have to – especially if it involves switching the row that your fruit is in.  You need to be very careful with this as you might switch the fruit from a row with a great setup to one that is terrible.  Before you touch that fruit, take a look and see what the future implications of that move might be!

 The toughest part of this level is definitely getting the fruits to the bottom that have been stuck for a while. 

 Let us know if this helps in the comments below!!


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