50- Bleach (2004) - A teenager receives the powers of a death-god by mistake and must aid in the fight against the hollows. 

49- Afro Samurai (2007) - The story of a boy who embarks on a journey of revenge for his deceased father.

48- Macross (1982) - With the aid of the giant spaceship, the Macross, humanity will fight for survival against the alien race of the Zentradi.

47- Durarara!! (2010) - The antics of a strange group of individuals in an even stranger town filled with students, gangsters and supernatural entities!

46- The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (2006) - Suzumiya is a strange girl with a strong personality, with an unhealthy interest in the unknown.

45- Angel Beats! (2010) - The purgatory is a school, the stundents are the angels, and they just rebelled against God! 

44- Rec (2006) - The love story of a loser who falls in love with a naive girl, who dreams of becoming a professional voice-actress.

43-  Chihayafuru (2011) - Chihayafuru is a school girl who dreams of becoming the champion of a hard traditional Japanese card game.  

42- Texhnolyze (2003) - A town of hopelessness and despair, where most men and women have become texhnolyzed, humans with robotic parts.  

41- Spice and Wolf (2008) - A merchant encounters a hungry wolf-goddess, and they embark on a journey together.

40- Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid (2005) - The sequel to Full Metal Panic, a story about a soldier infilitraded in a school, but that ends up in a complicated relationship.

39- Mononoke (2007) - A series of surreal tales with a mix of horror and mystery. 

38- Space Battleship Yamato (1974) - When the Earth is at the brink of destruction, humanity will embark on a space journey, in search of a miraculous distant planet, on the battleship Yamato.

37- Dragon Ball (1986) - The adventures of Goku, the monkey-tail boy with inhuman strength who embarks on a search for the magical dragon balls when he meets Bulma. A classic filled with memorable characters, martial arts and tournaments. 

36- Hunter x Hunter (1999) - Gon is a naive skillful boy who embarks on a quest to become an official Hunter. 

35- Rurouni Kenshin (1996) - The story of a legendary killer who decides to settle down, offering his services as a Samurai.

34- Yu Yu Hakusho (1993) - When a rebellious boy dies to protect an infant, he is given a second chance, while having to work for the underworld!

33- Outlaw Star (1998) - A crew-for-hire happened to find a strange girl, that will accompany them in their adventures through the galaxy. 

32- Serial Experiments: Lain (1998) - A strange girl starts noticing chances in her reallity when she gets into a complex virtual world. 

31- AnoHana (2011) - A group of friends must fullfil the last wish of a dead friend.

30- Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam (1985) - The continuation of Mobile Suit Gundam, a tale about the war between Earth and the colonies, in the midst of a politcal intrigue.

29- Wolf's Rain (2003) - A group of wolves must search for their paradise in a decaying human world. 

28- Black Lagoon (2006) - The life of a business man will change forever when he gets involved with a group of  mercenaries. 

27- Trigun (1998) - Vash is a criminal with a 60 billion double dollar price on his head! When two girls working for an insurance company are sent to meet him, they start following him and learning more about the man behind the bounty.

26- Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water (1990) - A bright young boy and the orphan Nadia embark on an epic adventure after being rescued by a super submarine.

25- Rainbow: Nishakubou no shichinin (2010) - A tragic story that follows the lives of a group of boys who were sent to a juvenile prison sometime after World War II.

24- Darker than BLACK  (2007) - An anime with much mystery involved. The main character has a unique power, and works as an investigator who encounters other unique individuals during his jobs. 

23- Naruto (2002) - The story of Naruto, the boy who wants to become Hokage, the highest title given to a great ninja in his village. He will have to go on many missions and face many trials, though. 

22- Eden of the East (2009) - Conspiracies, shadowy characters and celphones that grant the users anything money can buy, and their life, as long as they can save the world before their rivals.

21- Death Note  (2006) - A school student finds a supernatural book that kills anyone whose name is written on it. 

20- Samurai  Champloo (2004) - A girl and two skilful, but stubborn Samurai who simply can't get along, must travel together in order for each one to reach his goal. 

19- Fullmetal Alchemist (2003) - The journey of the Elric Brothers in their search for what would restore the younger brother's body, whose soul lives inside a giant armor, after both attempted to transmute their dead mother through alchemy.

18- Baccano! (2007) - When various groups of criminal organizations and gangasters board the same train, each one with their own plot, supernatural things start to happen. 

17- Great Teacher Onizuka (1999)  - The unorthodox teaching methods of the friendliest and most insane school teacher, Onizuka!

16- Future Boy Conan (1978) - An early Miyazaki work about the adventures of a boy in a post-apocalyptic world after saving a pretty young lady.

15- Berserk (1997) - In a medieval world filled with war, blood and demons, a lone soldier who carries an enormous sword, starts climbing the ranks of a rebel faction. However, there is much intrigue involved.

14- Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei  (2007) - A satirical black comedy about a suicidal teacher and his dark views of society. 

13- Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica (2011) - Madoka is a young girls that learns of the fight that permanently exist between witches and magical girls. When she is offered the chance to become a magical girl herself and fight the witches, she is faced with a dilemma. A very complex plot in an anime that completely revolutionized the magial girl genre. 

12- Fate/Zero (2011) - A group of mages will each summon an ancient legendary figure who will serve as their Heroic Spirits in order to compete for the wish-granting Holy Grail.

11- Kino's Journey (2003) - The adventures of Kino, a girl who travels the world in her talking bike, visiting unique countries and learning about their costumes. An anime that mixes fantasy and surreal scenarios with thoughtful messages and values. A work of art. 

10- Clannad: After Story (2008) - The continuation of the more light-hearted Clannad. This sequel deals with the hardships of life in a very emotional and hard-to-watch family journey.

9- Steins;Gate (2011) - An incredible anime that deals with time-travelling, conspiracies, cause and effect, the butterfly effect, while having unique characters and fantastic developments.  

8- Hellsing Ultimate (2006) - The defenite version of Alucard. This ones makes the original TV Series look like the Sesame Street.

7- Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995) - A classic, highly regarded by many. The story is set in a world that suffered a cataclysmic event, where humanity is trying to avoid the next one, by using dangerous mechas to fight the otherwordly entities, called "angels", that descend to Earth from time to time. This anime has many religious references and a very philosofical approach

6- Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (2002) - In a futuristic world, the growing efficiency and larger-scale of crimes, needed the call for a special unit of unique individuals, Those would work behind the scenes, remaining invisible, to investigate and fight the more threatning cases of cyber crime, with their natural skills and advanced technology. 

5- One Piece (1999) - The popular shounen featuring the adventures of Luffy and the crew of pirates he meets along the way, in his search for the ultimate treasure, One Piece. An anime set in a fantastical world, where characters have special and inhuman powers, and nothing can compare to our reality! 

4- Usagi Drop (2011) - A heart-warming story of a single man who adopts an orphan girl, dealing with the trials of raising a child. Unparalleled in terms of realism and emotional impact. 

3- Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2009) - The remake of the TV series, this one followed the manga and provided a much more accurate story, introducing other characters, augmenting the pacing, and having spectacular visuals. 

2- Cowboy Bebop (1998) - The classic of all classic. Spike and Jet roam the Solar System in search of bounties, finding only strange figures and misadventures in the way, delivering  a set of incredible and memorable episodes. 

1- Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (2007) - A coming of age story of universal proportions and the most exiciting and exhilarating anime experience you will ever have.