Off To Dreamland We Go ....

  Everyone needs to unwind. After a hard day at work or to remove stressful thoughts from racing around your head. One of the best ways to set your mind at ease and release your worries, is to fall asleep listening to your favourite album. It's a great time to think about where your life is going and where you want it to be. I love to day dream as I'm falling to sleep listening to my favourite music. Is it day dreaming though if it's at night? haha, who knows. So here are my Top 5 Sleep Time Albums, enjoy  :)

1. Spiritual Machines - (Our Lady Peace)

  Band - Our Lady Peace  

  Album - Spiritual Machines  

  Year - 2000


  My favourite band. OLP is a Canadian band who have had great success over the years, probably most famous for their album - Clumsy. Spiritual Machines was the last album to fully involve Mike Turner as their guitarist. It is based on the book - "The Age Of Spiritual Machines" by Ray Kurzweil. In between songs, there are short spoken parts by Kurzweil himself. The album plays out beautifully. Every song is amazing, and late at night in the dark with headphones on it takes you on a wonderful journey. Recently in 2010, the band performed the entire album live during their "An Evening With Our Lady Peace Tour". If you haven't heard this album, and you love alternative rock with a great sense of depth, check it out!

2. Grace - (Jeff Buckley)

Artist - Jeff Buckley

Album - Grace

Year - 1994 


  Jeff's music is timeless and beautiful. He was an amzingly talented person who died way too young at the age of 30.  Grace was his only completed studio album. After his death "Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk" was released which was a collection of material he was working on for his follow up album. Although he was quite successful during his life, he has received more attention since his death, which is a true shame. This album is moving and pure. It is soulful and captures a rare talent. If you have never listened to it, give it a chance. If you have heard it, get it back out and let it take you on a journey again. Every song is excellent and will grow on you over time.

3. You Are Free - (Cat Power)

Artist - Cat Power

Album - You Are Free

Year - 2003


  Chan Marshall (a.k.a. Cat Power) is an amazing musician and songwriter with an absolutely alluring voice. It was so hard to choose an album of her's to add to this list, as I love every one! I ended up going with this one as it has some of my favourite songs of her's. This album features drumming by Dave Grohl (Nirvana) and some vocals by Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam). In Particular the tracks : Good Woman, Maybe Not, and Names, are personal favourites. The whole album is fantastic though, and great to fall to sleep to. Make sure to check out her other albums aswell, as there is so much great music to discover.



4. Into The Wild - Soundtrack - (Eddie Vedder)

Artist - Eddie Vedder 

Album - Into The Wild (Soundtrack)

Year -  2007


  Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam) has one of the best voices of any singer ever. On this, we get to hear a more intimate style of music, with haunting acoustic tracks. This album is the perfect companion to the film it was written for. The movie "Into The Wild" is written and directed by Sean Penn. It is based on the life of Christopher McCandless, a young man who travels the road to break free from modern conventions and ends up heading into the Alaskan wilderness. The soundtrack is perfect and captures the atmosphere spot on. You should definitley see the film. You should also get a copy of the soundtrack as it never loses it's appeal. A great album to listen through at night.

5. Donnie Darko - Soundtrack - (Michael Andrews)

Artist - Michael Andrews

Album - Donnie Darko (Soundtrack)

Year - 2002


  Donnie Darko is a film by Richard Kelly, which over the years has become a cult hit. It has even expanded into more mainstream pop culture. The soundtrack to that excellent film is just as deserving of mention. It is original and engaging, creating the perfect mood for the film. As an album to fall to sleep to it is ideal. If you enjoy meditation and relaxation, it will put you in a great state of mind. Very peaceful and involving, it helps your thoughts to wander as it plays out. Michael Andrews has created a great soundscape, and the  final song - "Mad World" - covered by Gary Jules is the perfect ending to an excellent soundtrack. Check it out!