At times, playing against the computer can get boring and repetitive. No matter how innovative the game is, you know deep down that you're just battling algorithms and numbers. Even games that have a good AI cannot give you much satisfaction. The joy that one gets by besting a friend or a foe in a game is exhilarating. While most successful mobile games are simple single-player games, the trend in Android games development is shifting. In 2012, several top Android games offer the multiplayer option.

Do you enjoy playing games on your Android mobile? Do you enjoy multiplayer games? Many experienced gamers feel that playing multiplayer games on mobiles is no fun. Take a look at the top multiplayer Android games listed below to decide for yourself.  

Star Legends
This is not just a multiplayer game, it’s a massive multiplayer game. This game deserves to be at the top of the list because it succeeds in bringing the entertaining and addictive nature of MMOs to the mobile You need to travel through different galaxies and make your place in the Universe. As you succeed in completing different types of missions, you will reach higher levels and get access to higher levels of technologies and weapons. The game is so popular that people pay actual money to buy unique weapons and technologies inside the game!

GT Racing
Racing against a computer is fun, but it can get severely repetitive. Most racing games get progressively difficult as you level up, but once you master the game and the track, they stop being interesting. However, when you are playing against human racers you can employ unexpected tactics and a little more creative randomness to gaming. This is, arguably, the best multiplayer racing game that you can get on your Android mobile.

Age of Defenders
This is one of the best strategy games around, and now you can play it on your Android in the multiplayer mode. This is a game that would easily find a place in any list for top Android games. Usually, you require a large screen to enjoy a strategy game, but Age of Defenders succeeds in creating the perfect experience for strategy games on the mobile. If you enjoy strategy games, this is the one you've got to get on your Android phone.

Modern Combat 3
This game will work on your Android mobile, and it will let you play against and with players using different devices. It is a full-fledged combat game with 13 amazing missions and diverse gaming environments. You can go for escort missions, helicopter mission, search and destroy missions and several other types of missions. If you enjoy the thrill of combat games, this game will make you love your Android mobile even more!

While weapons, wars, technology and leveling up are seen as the most important ingredients for the success of a multiplayer mobile games, the smart Android games development team that create the Android version of classic Scrabble prove that there is more than one way to skin the cat. Once you get this game on you mobile, you can play with your friends, no matter where they are! You can send them invites on Facebook or on their mobiles. The best part is that you won't have to squabble over controversial words as you've got great in-built dictionary on your phone.