What is the Top 5 Anime Series?
First introduced by the Japanese, the form of animation known as 'anime' has become one of the most popular forms of entertainment. From television to comic books to movies, anime has brought in millions upon millions of fans from all over the globe.

Since anime has begun, there has been a countless amount of popular anime series' that have helped fuel its popularity. Today, we are going to look the top five anime series' that have graced us with the presence over the past couple decades. We will begin at number five and work our way down to number one.

Number 5 - "Sailor Moon"

In the 90's, this was definitely one of the most popular and best anime series'. Every girl that grew up during that time period knew exactly what Sailor Moon was and watched it every single day. This series was about a hero girl named Sailor Moon, her friend, and all the evil forces they fought to protect the world. This anime series was fun and very entertaining, and what set it apart was the fact that it was great for all ages.

Number 4 - "Cowboy Bepop"

The Japanese anime series was created and written and directed by two very popular Japanese anime icons: Shinichiro Watanabe and Keiko Nobumoto. The winner of MANY anime awards and a constant critical darling, this series was about the adventures of a group of bounty hunters that are known as "cowboys". The travelled on a spaceship called Bepop and the anime chronicled all of their tragedies and triumphs.

Number 3 - "Naruto"

Every anime fan knows a thing or two about this popular anime series called Naruto. In fact, there may even be some non-anime fans that might be familiar with this one, as this series was very popular all over the world for many reasons, including the fact that it was one of the longest running anime series of all time. Both young anime fans and older anime fans love this story about an adolescent ninja who has been searching for recognition and dreams of becoming the leader of his village.

Number 2 - "Fruits Basket"

Created by Japanese icon Natsuki Takaya, this anime follows the story of a young orphan who finds out that her parents are actually possessed by Chinese zodiac animals. This anime was inspired by Hana to Yume, which is a Japanese magazine that was published from 1999 to 2006. Since then, the anime has become very popular all over Japan and various other Asian countries.

Number 1 - "Fullmetal Alchemist"

This Japanese manga series was created and drawn by Hiromu Arakawa. This anime actually has a European feel to it, inspired by the Industrial Revolution. This great anime take place in a fictional world where alchemy is the most popular technique human kind perfected. The lead characters of Edward and Alphonse Elric use this perfected alchemy to bring back their deceased mother. This anime easily stands out from the rest and is one of the best anime series' you will ever lay your eyes upon.

If you have never watched any anime in the past, you should definitely take the time to find one that fits your personal taste and preference. Start with these five and then expand your horizon! You will discover a lot of great anime series!