Top 5 Anthias Salt Water Aquarium Fish

With the hundreds of types and species of salt water aquarium fish available for purchase, it may be quite difficult to decide which ones to get! Each specific type of species has its own features and benefits that make it a better purchase than the rest; however, each also has certain downfalls that make it worse than the other choices. When it comes down to it, the Anthias salt water aquarium fish have to be the best choices in regards to the large variety of species. They are beautiful, and have great personalities and temperament that will allow you to enjoy having them swim in your tank. This article describes the top 5 choices for Anthias salt water aquarium fish, and the reasons that they are ranked so highly.

Anthias Salt Water Aquarium Fish-Ignitus Anthias $34.99

This species is commonly mistaken for simply being a goldfish; not that there is anything wrong with a goldfish, but it is far from being a salt water aquarium fish. This is definitely the easiest in regards to maintenance, and only requires a few minutes worth of work on a daily basis to fully maintain the optimal living conditions of this species. Its body is made up of bright yellows, oranges, and reds; these colors are so vibrant that they can easily make it regarded as the most beautiful species within its type. They are a joy to watch, and would be an absolute asset to any tank.

Anthias Salt Water Aquarium Fish-Orange Lyretail Anthias $18.99

This species is definitely a little harder to maintain than the ignitus anthias, but their personalities are more lively and make up for it! This anthias salt water aquarium fish is made up of vibrant oranges, and reds. It looks very similar to a common goldfish; however, the tiny scales that are visibly surrounding its body allow the two to be easily distinguished. It carries a personality that allows it to swim peacefully when it is alone, but interact with other species when it is living with them.

Anthias Salt Water Aquarium Fish-Squareback Anthias $39.99

This unique species definitely prefers a large area to swim in; however, they will make it worth your while by keeping you entertained for hours. This anthias salt water aquarium fish carries a personality that can be considered as somewhat lively, and exciting. Even when left alone to swim in a large open tank, it will use the full swimming area to travel around; this species rarely stays in the same spot, and when it does it is simply claiming the area as its own territory.

Anthias Salt Water Aquarium Fish-Sunset Anthias $44.99

This is the most distinguishable from the rest of the anthias salt water species; it carries a much lighter shade of oranges and reds than the other species. In addition to the color variation, its nose is positioned significantly higher than the other species of the same type! Although this species may seem a lot more aggressive upon first glance due to its "mean" look that it carries, it is much more peaceful in actuality. It simply enjoys swimming around in a slow manner, and rarely interacts with other species when it is placed with them.

Anthias Salt Water Aquarium Fish-Evansi Anthias $29.99

This species carries an entirely different color than the rest of the anthias salt water aquarium fish. Many of the species will vary in the shades of oranges and reds that are throughout their body; however, this one has a wide variety of yellow, pink, and purple in addition to the orange throughout its body. Other than the color difference, it carries a much more peaceful personality than the rest of the species within its type; it simply loves to glide throughout the water, with all of its fin movements being very subtle and slow.

Anthias salt water aquarium fish are definitely one of the best choices within all of the types and species that are available. However, with such a large variety of species within this general type, it may be hard to distinguish the good purchases from the great purchases. This article lists the top 5 anthias salt water aquarium fish, and the qualities that they possess that have allowed them to be featured in this article!