Boston is a prime destination for American history buffs and simply for the atmosphere of a fine, old city. Many may not realize that while there are a host of benefits for adults, Boston also has ample opportunities for kids to enjoy while visiting or living in the area. While there is a long list of possibilities, there are five attractions for kids in Boston for anyone who wants to make sure their kids get the most out of time spent in the city.

1. New England Aquarium
The New England Aquarium is an amazing find that will captivate kids of all ages, including the inner child in every adult. There are programs, classes, and workshops where children can explore marine life that would live in the Atlantic. There are even overnight stays for the ultimate experience that the whole family will enjoy. All aboard for anyone who loves an underwater adventure.

2. Boston's Public Garden
Robert McCloskey wrote the story, "Make Way for Ducklings," back in 1941 and it has given kids enjoyment for generations. Families can take a visit to Boston's Public Garden to see the bronze statues of the mallard family, take the kids' pictures with the ducks, and have a picnic on a beautiful day. Parents can pick up a copy of the book, take time to read it together, and then make the same journey that Mr. and Mrs. Mallard made in the story. Simple pleasures such as this one are those that children will remember forever and want to recreate with their own one day.

3.  U.S.S. Constitution Museum
The U.S.S. Constitution Museum is another great find in Boston. Children can board "Old Ironsides," a ship that is over 200 years old and fought in the War of 1812. They'll learn a piece of history while they get to have a hands-on experience, re-enacting the life of a sailor from those early days in our nation.

4. Quincy Market
Quincy Market, in the heart of Boston, is a favorite destination for kids and adults. There are vendors of every sort and a food court that will give children the chance to sample all different varieties of tasty treats. This is a great destination to stop for lunch in between visits to others sites throughout the city. 

5. Franklin Park Zoo
The Franklin Park Zoo is another one of the many attractions for kids in Boston. Parents can never go wrong with a trip to a special place filled with animals that are normally only found on television or in the pages of a book. At 72 acres, it's spacious with numerous animals and a petting zoo year round.