Chicago is a great destination for children and offers many great attractions for kids. Many of Chicago’s tourist destinations may be a bit boring for the young ones, but fret not. There are many great locales that will entertain the youths while being both light on the wallet and a great adult distraction. Kids love exciting locales with a hint of exotic flair, which challenges their young minds and drives their curiosity for exploration. The following five prime attractions for kids in Chicago are sure to capture the attention and interests of the little ones.

1. Lincoln Park Zoo
There is no better value than free, which just so happens to be the cost for the Lincoln Park Zoo. Established in 1868, this zoo is one of Amercia’s oldest zoological gardens and a prime destination for kids and adults in Chicago. The Lincoln Park Zoo has over 1,200 different animals at any point in the year and features many exhibits tailored for young ones, including concerts and train rides. It is also located in Lincoln Park which is near many other locations in Chicago. The free price and large list of activities makes this one of the best attractions for kids in Chicago.

2. Chicago’s Children Museum
What list of kid friendly destinations wouldn’t be complete without the Chicago’s Children Museum? Admission runs around $12 per person over the age of one and you get a lot of bang for your buck. The museum features tons of educational exhibits that will keep your kids entertained while teaching them a thing or two about safety and other important topics. There are also yearly events, like a circus, and it’s right on Navy Pier, another great destination within Chicago.

3. Legoland Discovery Center – Chicago
Building with Legos is a fun experience for children. Riding inside of a Lego dragon inside of Legoland is even better. Legoland features rides and workshops for kids of all ages to enjoy. Activities include building with Legos, watching how Legos are made, interacting with a master model builder, and the DUPLO Village for younger children. 

4. Shedd Aquarium
Aquariums are a fun and educational way to pass time with the kids and Shedd Aquarium is the best in Chicago. Of course, you just won’t find fish at this aquarium. Expect to meet penguins, snakes, walruses, mantella frogs and of course exotic fish that will amaze and delight both the young and the old. There is even a theatre that presents a unique 4-d experience, which features 3-d movies with a twist.

5. Grant Park
A trip to Chicago wouldn’t be complete without a walk in the park and Grant Park is one of the best places for a casual stroll. Grant Park offers something for everyone all year long. Baseball, tennis, volleyball and other sports can be played and the entire park is open for visitors throughout most of the day. The real appeal comes from the seasonal events, festivals, and concerts that happen sporadically throughout the year. The gardens, along with the beautiful architecture, make this one of the prettier sights in all of Chicago and definitely one to bring the kids to.