Washington DC, the home of the President and the capital of the United States. Less than 70 miles make up this urban federal district which hold's over one million commuters every week day. There is a reason this is the twenty-fourth most populous area in the United States and that is because it is the home of all three federal branches of government, most of the nation's monuments, national museums, more than 170 embassies and history like no other state in North America. 

1. National Zoo
There are numerous attractions for kids in Washington DC and choosing the top 5 is not an easy task. One of the best attractions for kids is the National Zoo. With more than 2000 animals, 17 areas of exhibits including the Cheetah Conservation Station, African Savannah, Family Giant Panda Habitat and a Kids' Farm, what kid (or adult for that matter) wouldn't love to see it? Combine fun with learning by visiting the Think Tank and watch the Orangutans move themselves through the air on the worlds first O Line, a series of towers and ropes built to let the animals move between buildings similar to how they would move between trees in their natural habitat. One of the best parts is it there is no admission cost for you to see all of these great things!

2. Newseum
The Newseum is truly one of the greatest attractions for kids in Washington DC. A museum like no other, it features 14 galleries and 15 theaters full of historic news exhibits. See the actual cabin of the Unabomber, pieces of the real Berlin Wall, the Watergate Door and thousands of other artifacts. If that sounds too much like a history lesson for your kids, the fun doesn't stop there. They can videotape themselves reporting a newscast, try to capture a thrilling rescue using a camera, take a 4D Time Travel Adventure, learn about 23 dogs who have lived in the White House and so much more!

3. International Spy Museum
Do you have a spy in the family? The International Spy Museum will make you their hero! With 600 espionage items, a required "cover" identity to enter the museum and a Hollywood style mission to complete involving a nuclear device it should be a blast for the whole family!

4. Museum of Natural History
The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History is the next best attraction for kids and a family favorite because it has something for everyone. Dinosaur bones, a live coral reef, an insect zoo, and IMAX theater and many more exhibits including a hands-on Discovery Room.

5. Discovery Theater
With performances geared toward children and open to the public year round, the Discovery Theater is one of the top 5 attractions for kids in Washington DC. Located on the National Mall in the Ripley Center, the theater features musicians, mimes, storytellers and more.

Wear comfortable walking shoes, bring a picnic lunch and take lots of pictures to capture the many memories your family will make. Enjoy your trip to Washington DC!