The best tools to grow a large network of Twitter followers

What is Twitter Marketing?

Twitter marketing is marketing and affiliate marketing on Twitter. Twitter is a big and popular social network with a lot of people with a lot of different interests and shopping customs. This huge social networking site can help you to grow your business online and increase your earnings with affiliate marketing. If you want to know how to monetize your tweets with pay per click programs for Twitter please visit my article Make Money on Twitter.

Building a network with targeted followers

Having a network with lots of targeted followers is the most powerful tool of Twitter marketing. You must grow a network of Twitter users that are interested in products you are promoting and trying to sell. Build a network of followers that will love to see your tweets, retweet them and buy your affiliate products. The possibility of sales increase when you target the right group of people and by growing a network of targeted followers you will really establish a network that can increase your business online.

Top 5 Auto-Follow Tools for Twitter Marketing

Here are Top 5 tools for Auto-Follow on Twitter. These tools can help you to simplify many different tasks that are important for marketing on Twitter but take a lot of time. So with these tools, you can focus on the products you're promoting and leave the rest to these awesome tools for Twitter operations. These tools can help you to automate your tweets, auto-follow back, sen automatic personal messages to your new followers and what is the most important thing here - follow the users with the right interests. Some of these programs offers you the option to really dig deeply in Twitter and find the users that will be interested in your products and programs. You can find users by their interests, location, age, hobbies etc.

And here is the list of Top 5 Auto-Follow Tools for Twitter Marketing

1. TweetAdder

TweetAdder is a great Twitter software that  will automatically build up your Twitter Follower Network with like-minded users for huge increase in your twitter marketing efforts: 5 targeted twitter searches, auto follow, auto unfollow, auto tweet, auto message, twitter trends, proxy supported and a lot more options to choose from. This is the best tool for growing a huge network of Twitter, I really recommend it and it's worth buying and using because it can really helps you to make money on Twitter and promote your business online. You can try a free demo and if you're satisfied with its performance you can buy it for few bucks.

2. Pluggio

Pluggio is a professional social media engine that will boost your marketing on Twitter and grow your network of targeted Twitter followers. No matter if you're new to social media or a professional marketer, Pluggio is the one tool that can give you a full-time presence without being on Twitter the whole time! This way you can dedicate your time to brainstorming of your campaigns on Twitter.

3. BirdyAdder

BirdyAdder is very similar to Pluggio and TweetAdder and it leverages the newest marketing medium for you. These programs all offers similar options like auto following, auto unfollowing, auto responding, sending messages etc. Check each one of these program to see which one suits you best!

4. SocialOomph

If you find that you are spending too much time trying to figure out who to follow back when someone follows you, sign-up for the online app SocialOomph . This will really simplify some of the major parts of growing a network on Twitter. It offers simple auto-follow back and sending automated personal messages to your new followers. Just set some options and you will automatically follow each new follower of yours. Great tool, I use it and it's worth trying! And its' totally free!

5. ValueTweets

Valuetweets: allows you to quickly create, manage, and track your Twitter accounts and social media marketing campaigns from a single location. This will enable you to save your most valuable time by helping you perform your Twitter marketing functions more efficiently.


So this is the list of my favorite tools for growing a Twitter network and establishing a great place for marketing and promoting your business online. I personally tried or use all of these tools so I really recommend them because they can help you to get a lot of quality and targeted followers on Twitter and help you with your Twitter marketing and making money on Twitter.