Sometimes you're just in the mood to blow something away. Android shooting apps and action games can be downloaded on the android market instantly so you can hop right into the action and start spitting spent cartridges out the side of your virtual guns like they were jackpot slot machines tallying happiness.

The Best Android Shooting Apps for Android Phones

Before you pull the trigger on spending your hard earned money, however, check into these top android shooting apps and games so you can get a sense of which entries are worthy of your download. Let's talk a look at what's hot in the marketplace right now, taking into account recent user reviews in order to determine which android shooting games deserve your cash and which don't. 

Contract Killer by Glu Media for Android Devices

This android shooting game has it all - rich and colorful slightly cartoony graphics, a sleek graphical interface that features high-tech targeting reticules which menacingly circle your target before you pop their head, and a passable story line to keep you engrossed as you progress in your quest to become a successful contract killer. This game is based on sniping action. When a mission begins you will have an opportunity to begin scanning for the target your pre-mission briefing identified. Once you have spotted your mark, you zoom in over your target for a closer look and tune up a precise aim over center mass or the head. 

The graphics are quite impressive for a mobile app. The 3d models in this android shooting game have a rich look and feel to them and the backgrounds are appealingly styled. In general, most players of Contract Killer seem to be content with the eye candy available. 

This android shooting game is receiving mostly positive reviews on the marketplace, but it has been noted to suffer from freezing issues and forced closes on certain devices. The developer is aware of these issues and is working to correct them in a future patch. 

The biggest legitimate gripe to be aware of before you purchase Contract Killer for your android device is the tricky pay-to-play system. These systems have been in place since the beginning of mobile apps, and usually allow players to purchase a major gun or airplane upgrade, for example, for .99 cents or some other small amount of money. Unfortunately, Contract Killer's system is a bit different. Some players can be seen fuming in the android marketplace's comment section about being charged real money for in-game items that were not clearly labeled. Be extremely aware of purchasing upgrades like guns and additional missions when playing Contract Killer, since the app will temporarily freeze you out after a certain amount of playing if you don't pony up the credits to buy more. 

However, if you're aware of this ahead of time and you have other android shooter games that you can switch between when you're waiting for Contract Killer to time back in, you should be just fine. The gameplay itself is the high point of this particular android shooting game. 

Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus 

This android shooter game cleaves more closesly to the classic first person shooter genre. If you want something that's a bit more run and gun style, this is for you. Be prepared to pay for it, though. Black Pegasus comes with a whopping $6.99 price tag, one of the highest you'll find in the android marketplace.

This is due to the fact that it's a premium title, and a lot of manpower, talent and investment went into making it the kind of android shooting game that will make you marvel at the amount of computing power stuffed into android smartphones. There are several mission regions, multiple weapons and weapon types, the ability to sneak and snipe or just outright spray and pray your way to victory. The Modern Combat 2 android shooting game runs on the two thumb control layout that has become a standard for most mobile shooting apps. You use your left thumb to control your character's movement and your right thumb to aim and fire your weapon. This makes for an android shooting game that becomes fairly intuitive once you get over the initial jerky learning curve. 

You can even collect weapons from fallen enemies. You'll notice impressively realistic death animations (if you're into that sort of thing). There are enough classic first person shooter staples here to keep fans of the genre interested. Oh, by the way, there is a multiplayer mode that harkens back to the intensive console action of modern warfare and call of duty, in semi-simplified android phone form. 

In terms of technical compatibility issues, the reviews for this android shooting game are trending toward the positive. There are still issues with individual android phones, and some users have reported trouble with their WiFi downloads, but the developer is on top of the situation and has recently added new devices to the whitelist of android phones that have no problems running Modern Combat 2.