If you are in the market for a new dart board you really should consider one of the Arachnid dart boards. Whether you need a free standing arcade dart board for a bar or a wall hanging electronic dart board Arachnid Cricket Pro 800for you're basement game room there is an Arachnid dart board that will fit you're needs. In the following paragraphs this article will give a short overview of the top 5 Arachnid dart boards and accessories available from Arachnid Inc.

5) The Arachnid Inter-Active 6000 electronic dart board is the cheapest board on this list but that doesn't mean your getting a cheap dart board. With 27 games five of which are different versions of cricket and 123 options and up to 8 players this Arachnid dart board is a bargain. Powered by either an a/c adaptor or 4 AA batteries there is no reason not to be playing.

4) The Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 electronic dart board is great board loaded with features like 40 games with 179 options. If you love cricket then this is the board for you, it has 7 variations including cut-throat and doubles only. Another great thing about this board is the heckler and cheerleader feature that offers praise for good throwing and wise cracks for poor throwing. The board is regulation size with micro-thin segment dividers help to reduce bounce outs giving this dart board a professional feel and making this one of the best Arachnid dart boards available.

3) This next Arachnid electronic dart board takes a giant leap in size and fun. The Arachnid Bull Shooter arcade style dart board. Just like the pros use. This 7ft tall cabinet comes with the Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 electronic dart board and plenty of storage space underneath. There are 24 games and 132 options. This setup is a dart players dream and a great center piece for any game room.

2) The Arachnid Galaxy II dart board with monitor is the best of all Arachnid dart boards and Arachnid Galaxy II Dart Boardarguably the best electronic dart board period. You will have to keep reading to find out why it wasn't number one on this list. This commercial grade soft tip electronic dart board comes with its own 19" LCD full color monitor for easy viewing. It has the capability of being coin operated or you can make it free. A few other features are the missed dart detector and the fully lit playing surface with a light on each side. It even has full tournament capabilities so now you can start your own league and can be networked with other machines. In all this is the best dart board money can buy.

The #1 Arachnid Dart Board

1) Number one on our list is the Arachnid Black Widow dart board. This baby is the king because it is the equivalent of two Arachnid Galaxy II dart boards in one. It has all the same great features and games of the Galaxy II plus more. Now you and your friends can play simultaneously, it doesn't get any better than that. How could this not be number one of all Arachnid dart boards?