Ever since they first burst on to the skateboarding footwear scene back in the mid-1990s, DC has been producing some of the best skate shoes on the market for both men and women, as well as kids. In 2012, they have a line-up of skateboarding trainers that dwarf the selection of sneakers they had even just a decade ago, and the diversity of styles and designs is insane, thanks to their excellent reputation as a top-rated brand and their overall popularity. DC skate shoes are adored by guys and girls alike, whether they actually skateboard or they just want a pair of stylish and comfortable casual sneakers to sport. Let's take a look at the top 5 best skateboarding trainers on sale for both genders in 2012 from this amazing footwear company. First will be the men's models, and then the women's.


Best DC Skate Shoes for Men on Sale - 2012

DC Versaflex Skate Shoes for Men(76831)Credit: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51laxXWamNL._SX395_.jpg

Versaflex Skateboarding Sneakers

Average Cost: $80

The Versaflex is one of the most stylish models that you will find from DC. These skate shoes are packed with so many great features, it's no wonder why they are so expensive. The Versaflex sneakers come with a panel of inlaid mesh for better ventilation, a lightweight foam-padded tongue and collar, a patented Performalite footbed which is significantly softer than traditional polyurethane, a TPR back-counter built into the heel, and a full-length airbag in the midsole. All of these features are great for enhancing comfort and overall fit. In terms of durability, these popular DC skate shoes have a performance-wrapped cupsole construction, an abrasion-resistant sticky rubber outsole, and uppers constructed of soft and resilient action leather.

DC Pure SE Skate Shoes for MenCredit: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41uyw6wWX1L._SX395_.jpg

Pure SE Sneakers

Average Cost: $60

These skateboarding trainers have been around for quite a while now, and over the years they have proven their worth with consistantly high sales and rave customer reviews. The newest models can be found in many different color combinations than before (red/black, black/white/plaid, blue/black, white/gray, brown/tan/black and more), but they still have most of the same comfort and durability features as the previous pairs of Pure SE DC skate shoes for men. This includes a lightweight mesh tongue and upper panels, internal elastic holders, perforated upper panels and collar, and are constructed of action leather or nubuck uppers. Some of the more unique features in the Pure SE sneakers are the patented Super Suede abrasion resistant material, and the patent-pending DGT Plus rubber front sole wall and rubber bottom for enhanced board control and durability.

DC Court Graffik Skate Shoes for MenCredit: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/413ZLJ6DhCL._SY395_.jpg

Court Graffik Trainers

Average Cost: $50

Here is a pair of top-rated cheap DC skate shoes that you can often find on sale for even less than $50. The Court Graffik is popular amongst all types of demographics because of their vast array of different styles and designs that you can choose from. These classic skateboarding trainers are made with action leather, have a foam-padded tongue and collar, a soft tricot lining, an internal elastic tongue holder, and a stick rubber cupsole. Perhaps the best part about the Court Graffik DC skate shoes for men is the amount of color options that are available. As a small taste of what they have to offer, some of the combinations include white/gray/plaid, white/black, black/blue, black/yellow, green/white, black/light blue/plaid, gray/red, and then there are also the varying designs that have special artwork or graphics mixed in with the logo. 

DC Net Skate Shoes for MenCredit: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41pPhiY%2BG0L._SY395_.jpg

Net Skate Shoes

Average Cost: $50

Here is another pair of afforable sneakers and even though they have been around for several years now, the 2012 models are sure to continue to be among the most popular models that DC produces with more color and design options to pick between. The uppers are constructed from synthetic leather or nubuck, and they have quite a few features surrounding comfort and durability that are very nice considering the fact that these are relatively cheap DC skate shoes for men, including: a perforated upper panel; a lightweight tongue that is not only foam-padded but mesh as well, a spandex tongue holder, a rubber outsole with sticky, abrasion-resistant properties, and the brand's own patented performance cupsole design.

DC Gatsby 2 Skate Shoes for MenCredit: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41inrnOh%2BXL._SX395_.jpg

Gatsby 2 Skateboarding Trainers

Average Cost: $45

This is the only pair of pro-style DC skate shoes on the list and they also happen to be the most inexpensive of them all. The Gatsby 2 models are ideal for skateboarding as they come with several performance-enhancing features, but at the same time they are stylish and comfortable enough to wear as casual sneakers. They are made with combination uppers of buttery suede and tough canvas materials with an extra layer of suede over the eyelet to prevent that annoying problem of torn shoelaces. These men's DC skate shoes also feature perforated details and side eyelets for added breathability, a mesh-fabric lining for moisture-control, a cushioned footbed, vulcanized construction for superior durability, and a gum rubber outsole.

Best DC Skate Shoes for Women on Sale - 2012

DC Pixie Scroll Skate Shoes for WomenCredit: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41bQv1YOwBL._SY395_.jpg

Pixie Scroll Skateboarding Trainers

Estimated Price: $50

Most girls prefer a pair of sneakers that focus mostly on appealing styles and designs rather than durability, unless of course they are a female skateboarder looking for a pair specifically to use while they are skateboarding. The Pixie Scrolls are some extremely popular DC skate shoes for kids as well as the ladies due to their huge selection of color options and stylish looks. You can choose from black/light blue/white, black/pink/white, white/light blue/silver, white/pink/purple, white/neon pink, white/black, white/red and white/neon green/baby blue just to name a few. The Pixie Scrolls are also quite comfortable with their perforated toes for added breathability, padded, lightweight mesh tongues, and textile linings and insoles.

DC Chelsea SE Skate Shoes for WomenCredit: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41KTbftkpDL._SY395_.jpg

Chelsea SE Sneakers

Estimated Price: $45

The Chelsea DC skate shoes have been favorites among women of all ages for a while now, and they just keep getting better and more popular each year. They are constructed with lightweight and breathable canvas uppers with vulcanized sole construction, a multi-tone sticky rubber bottom and a comfortable and supportive collar padded with foam. The best part about the Chelsea SE sneakers is the attractive colors that are available, such as black/pink, white/pink/rainbow-stripe, black/white/multi-color graffiti, white/green/blue/multi-color eyelets, black/pink-plaid and so many more. After browsing through their massive selection of designs, it's easy to see why they are considered some of the best DC skate shoes for women in 2012, especially when you see that nice, cheap price.

DC Cosmo SE Skate Shoes for WomenCredit: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41dvhZ7nscL._SY395_.jpg

Cosmo SE Skate Shoes

Estimated Price: $55

The Cosme SE sneakers have a fresh look that is appealing and definitely helps their sales, but they also have a number of features surrounding comfort and durability that also play a big factor in their popularity. They can be found on sale in dozens of different colors, and they all have the large stitched logo on the side which is sometimes be overlayed in plaid or checkerboard designs. Each of these womens DC skate shoes feature a comfortable fabric lining and cushioning insole, as well as a thick, padded collar and tongue, a lace-up front with elastic keeper-straps, and leather or nubuck upper construction.

DC Manteca 2 Skate Shoes for WomenCredit: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51-bBUfeHlL._SX342_.jpg

Manteca 2 Mid Trainers

Estimated Price: $70

As the most expensive pair of DC skate shoes on this list, the Manteca 2 Mids are also the most unique in terms of looks. Reminiscent of the infamous Osiris NYC 83 sneakers, these skateboarding trainers have that recognizable "moon-boot" appearance that is very appealing to certain demographics, particularly the urban one. Besides their unique look, the Manteca 2 Mids do have a decent list of features as well, including uppers made of a combination of action leather or nubuck, suede, and a lightweight textile. In addition to the rare choice to use several different materials, these DC skate shoes have a supportive tongue and collar padded with foam, a mesh tongue that is naturally lightweight, and the brand's patented Performance Cupsole design.


DC Alibi Skate Shoes for WomenCredit: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51VKQfF-AeL._SX395_.jpg

Alibi Casual Sneakers

Estimated Price: $40

In terms of strictly casual DC skate shoes for women, the Alibi is by far the best model to consider for several reasons. For one, they are very cheap and can often found on sale for around $30, depending on what size and color you want and where you buy from. The patterns and designs are perhaps what stand out the most with the Alibi casual sneakers, with choices of leopard print, stripes, solid colors, two-tone and multi-tone designs. Most of the features deal with comfort, like the textile lining and cushioning insole, the durable foam midsole, the foam-padded tongue and collar, and the lightweight and breathable suede/nylon upper construction.

This company has so many other amazing skateboarding trainers for sale to choose from in 2012, but these reviews consist of the best DC skate shoes for men and women based on overall popularity, sales, past reputation and customer ratings.