If you were to ask any skateboarder to name some of the best skate shoes, chances are that Etnies would be one of their top choices. The reasoning for this is simple; when it comes to making comfortable, stylish and durable skateboarding sneakers for men, and women, this popular brand just knows exactly what they're doing. With dozens of Etnies skate shoes to pick between, it can be difficult to determine which pair is the best. Every model of skateboarding trainers is designed for a different purpose. Some of them are made to be extremely comfortable and stylish while others focus more on durability and performance-enhancing features.

In this article we are going to provide reviews for the top-rated Etnies skate shoes in 2012 that possess these important features. Keep in mind that this is only a small taste of what this company has to offer, but based on sales and overall popularity, these are definitely some of the best skateboarding trainers for guys and girls to consider.

The Best Etnies Skate Shoes for Men on Sale - 2012

Etnies Charter Skate Shoes for MenCredit: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41xF12RsRDL._SY395_.jpg

Charter Skateboarding Trainers

Average Cost: $55

Let's set things off with a nice, affordable pair of sneakers that are relatively new models from this astounding footwear brand. The Charters are very stylish Etnies skate shoes and can be bought in a number of color options, including the following:

  • red/black/gray
  • gray/white
  • black/black/gum
  • black/white/blue
  • black/white/red
  • white/black/white
  • black/white/green

    Along with all the different styles you can choose from, they also come with some pretty good comfort and durability features. The Charters all have the company's logo embroidered on the side with mesh holes and ventilation holes on the toe as well for extra breathability. For comfort, these popular skateboarding trainers have a double-padded tongue and a patented FOAM Lite 1 footbed. For durability, the Charter Etnies skate shoes for men are constructed from leather and feature a tough, rubber outsole.

    Etnies Jameson 2 Skate Shoes for MenCredit: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41H-FwmR2CL._SY395_.jpg

    Jameson 2 Sneakers

    Average Cost: $60

    The Jameson 2 model is an excellent pair of trainers for skateboarding purposes due to their high-quality performance and durability features. This includes the rugged 400 NBS rubber outsole and a textile lining that helps reduce moisture. In addition to that, they are also quite comfortable with their EVA midsoles, padded tongues and patented FOAM Lite1 insoles. Perhaps the best part about the Jameson 2 Etnies skate shoes is their wide selection of color combinations, such as:

    • black/white/gum
    • natural
    • black/gum
    • purple/gum
    • black/gray
    • navy/gum
    • blue/yellow
    • grey/white/royal
    • green/white
    • black/gold/white
    • black/green/gold
    • olive/gum

    Being not only a durable and comfortable pair of skateboarding sneakers, but also extremely stylish Etnies skate shoes is what makes the Jameson 2 so popular in 2012.

    Etnies Freight Skate Shoes for MenCredit: http://origin.kaboodle.com/hi/img/c/0/0/1a0/6/AAAADOf-64cAAAAAAaBjkA.jpg?v=1321545676000

    Freight Skateboarding Sneakers

    Average Cost: $60

    As you can see with the picture above, the Freight sneakers are not your average pair of skateboarding trainers. Even just by looking at them, you can tell they are going to be comfortable, and that is precisely what these Etnies skate shoes for men are built for. With their lightweight, sythentic and textile upper construction, padded tongue and collar and an extra-cushioned footbed, the Freight is definitely ideal for those seeking comfort. Some of the colors you have to choose from include gray/black, white/black and black/plaid, and each pair has the brand's Icon Logo on the outside panel.

    Etnies Fader Skate Shoes for MenCredit: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41AFVLHOtUL.jpg

    Classic Fader Skate Shoes

    Average Cost: $40

    Here is a pair of Etnies' most popular sneakers of all time - the Fader. This classic model has been a huge seller for several years now, and for good reason. Not only are they some of the more stylish pairs of skateboarding sneakers on the market with their wide range of style, color and design options, but also for their versatility as being great for both casual use as well as while you're skateboarding. For comfort, the Fader Etnies skate shoes for men have the patented STI Foam Lite 1 footbed and a soft internal EVA midsole. For durability, they are made with suede and vulcanized construction, have a tough 400 NBS rubber outsole and are water-resistant.

    Etnies Taylor LS Skate Shoes for MenCredit: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41a8CVRw5WL._SY395_.jpg

    Taylor LS Sneakers

    Average Cost: $50

    If you are looking for an affordable, yet quality pair of men's Etnies skate shoes, then the Taylor LS sneakers are ideal for you. These pro-models were designed by Mikey Taylor, so you know that they are excellent for skateboarding purposes and have plenty of durability and performance-enhancing features. Some of these features consist of the vulcanized construction with lightweight suede and canvas uppers, a patented STI DTTF PRO LEVEL 1 footbed, and a durable rubber outsole. Aside from all that and the fact that they are relatively cheap Etnies skate shoes at only about $50 on average, they also come in a decent selection of colors, including:

    • black/gray/royal
    • royal/white
    • green/white/black
    • grey/white/red

    The Best Etnies Skate Shoes for Women on Sale - 2012

    Etnies Callicut Skate Shoes for WomenCredit: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41PPa3DLF5L._SY395_.jpg

    Callicut Trainers

    Estimated Cost: $60

    For the girls who actually skateboard, the Callicut trainers are the perfect choice for you due to their list of features that emphasize on aspects that are important for skateboarding. The elastic tongue-centering straps provide a secure fit and enhance the comfort of the padded tongue and collar. These popular Etnies skate shoes for women are actually some of the most comfortable models available because they also have the brand's patented STI FOAM LEVEL 2 cushioning insole with heel support and an internal EVA midsole for better support.

    Etnies Digit Skate Shoes for WomenCredit: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51hyopYbZuL._SY395_.jpg

    Digit Skateboarding Sneakers

    Estimated Cost: $50

    In terms of style, the Digit sneakers are probably the best choice for girls who want a unique pair of Etnies skate shoes that have colors and designs that suit their personal preferences. The Digit can provide this luxury thanks to their huge selection of color options, such as:

    • white/black/red
    • black/print
    • white/blue/black
    • black/silver
    • black/white
    • white/gray
    • black/white/turquise plaid

    These stylish skateboarding sneakers do not lack the traditional comfort and durability features either, as they still come with a 400 NBS rubber outsole, elastic tongue straps, and an internal EVA midsole.

    Etnies RVM Skate Shoes for WomenCredit: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/518wbf5%2BuvL._SY395_.jpg

    RVM Skate Shoes

    Estimated Cost: $65

    The RVM models are another excellent choice for the ladies who like to skateboard because Etnies did not skimp out on any performance-enhancing features with these awesome female skateboarding trainers. Constructed of lightweight textile and durable suede uppers, the RVM sneakers also have a unique triple-stitched toe cap to help prevent the 400 NBS rubber outsole from wear and tear while you skateboard. For the comfortability aspect, these Etnies skate shoes for women have an STI Foam cushioned footbed, a padded collar and tongue, and a supportive EVA midsole.

    Etnies Dasit Skate Shoes for WomenCredit: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/318sQMugbRL._SX395_.jpg

    Dasit Skateboarding Trainers

    Estimated Cost: $55

    Here is another model of Etnies skate shoes that have superior comfort and durability. The Dasit skateboarding trainers are constructed of tough leather uppers and have a rubber outsole and triple-stitched toe cap for extra protection. The elastic tongue straps, SYSTEM G2 heel insert, and STI FOAM LEVEL 2 cushioning insole are what make the Dasit so much more comfortable than many of the other sneakers you see on sale for ladies.

    Etnies Lo Pro Baller Skate Shoes for WomenCredit: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51s0v9FkNXL._SY395_.jpg

    Lo-Pro Baller Sneakers

    Estimated Cost: $45

    Finally, we come to some cheap Etnies skate shoes for women that only cost about $45 on average, and can be much lower depending on the discount price for the size and color you want. The Lo-Pro Baller sneakers are arguably the most comfortable models you can buy for such an affordable price. They are made with minimal padding for a sleek fit, and constructed from lightweight textile and suede material. They also feature the STI Foam footbed, a heel pad wedge, and an EVA midsole for support and stability. The Lo-Pro Baller Etnies skate shoes are very bright and colorful as well, with choices like black/dark green, pink, black/purple and black/plaid to name a few.

    Being that this is such a popular and top-rated skateboarding footwear company, there are actually quite a few other models for both men and women that you may want to consider. However, those listed in these reviews are easily among the best Etnies skate shoes on sale in 2012, having great reputations and at least a 4-star rating on Amazon.