Best Final Fantasy Games

There are so many Final Fantasy games out there today that it seems the franchise will never end. But which one out of the many out there are considered the best? I considered replay value, storyline, gameplay, and general playability with these 5 choices as not all in this series are created equal. This list is pretty solid on the choices as most people agree these games are the most well made and most played.

Final Fantasy 7

1. Final Fantasy 7

This one is fairly standard. Being the first game that didn't use sprites and 2D images immediately made this series stand out, but the reason why it is consideered the gold standard of Final Fantasy games is because of it's storyline, characters, and replay value. I personally have played through this game many times and I still find it captivating. The characters are all unique and bring different personalities to the table, while also coming together as a collective to make a great story. The storyline is also fantastic, with multiple enemies and plot twists that keep the player engaged the whole time. The battle system was also very interesting with the use of materia to use magic and modify statistics. Overall this was probably the best game created in the series to date.

Final Fantasy 3

2. Final Fantasy 3

This game was absolutely fantastic to play. This version was ported to the SNES and offered a lot of wonderful gameplay options that made it a great game. The character battle abilities were very unique, the use of Espers for both leveling bonuses and summonings was great, and the storyline was lovely. Kefka was such a great bad guy! The battle system is fairly standard to most Final Fantasy games that preceeded it, but it was very smooth and the animations were great for it's time. This game was eventually ported to the Playstation under the title Final Fantasy Anthology so others could get access to this great game. The characters in this game were all interesting and none of them seemed boring or unoriginal which really added to the flavor. Overall replay value was also high, as one playthrough wouldn't be enough to play this game and experience all it had to offer.

Final Fantasy 5

3. Final Fantasy 5

What can I say about this one? The job system was phenominal! I loved how Final Fantasy 5 implimented the job class system so you could play a wide range classes with various abilities. The charactes themselves I found to be alright, not exactly my favorite but still were cool. But I loved how I could customize all of my characters to whatever job class I wanted which enabled me to experience all of the battles and content in different ways. This means of course that the replay value is extremely high! I loved the battle system and job class system, but something that also may seem odd but really important was the music. This game has some really classic amazing music that made the game for it's time really fun and unique. Overall a fantastic addition to the Final Fantasy series!

Final Fantasy 8

4. Final Fantasy 8

This next addition to the series was really interesting because of the system squaresoft introduced called the draw system. I admit that for a while I didn't like this system of obtaining magic but it started to grow on me as progress was made. You have the abiliity to "Junction" the magic you get which increases your stats, which was a nice new element that I hadn't seen before. The characters were interesting, a few of my favorites are from this game. Though I feel a few characters *cough*squall*cough* could really use a personality adjustment and be more dynamic. Still the game had a great replay value. I liked the storyline and the plot twists were very interesting. There are still debates going on today about the ending! The card game system was also pretty unique, but got pretty boring as the rules changed. Overall a very good addition to the Final Fantasy series.

Final Fantasy Tactics

5. Final Fantasy Tactics

This final game in the series takes a different approach, both in name (It's not numbered like the other 4) and in battle gameplay style. This one focuses on tactical based combat and, while still turn based, played more on a battlefield where you have to strategically place your character and attack instead of just attack an enemy like past games. The replay value is strong, and the characters are amazing. The storyline was so captivating that I still find myself wanting to play this game even today. The unique abilities and music that accompany this game really stand out and are particularly well done. Overall I'm very pleased with Tactics and I think there is a very strong fan base that still talks about this game even to this day.

What do you think?

While this list is subjective to my own feelings, I do believe that the list poses at least an interesting point of conversation of which games were best in the series. Most of these titles have tremendous followings and are still played today. In fact, with how bad the series has gotten many people have decided to visit these past games and play them instead to relive the moment of why they got into the Final Fantasy series. I personally love all 5 of these games and I have followed various forums to see what trends are coming out of them and this is the result of my research and following of this series.