The first gift I would buy would be an iPad. I would buy a used one on amazon for 300. There are so many things they can learn. The child apps are great! Tricycle....about 75. Every kid has to start somewhere! An activity work on fine motor skills. About 30 dollars A play phone so they can work on memorizing home number and address. 10 bucks Lastly, books. These would be read aloud to the child. 20 dollars - Lake District

    The best gifts for a 3 year old would be ones that let them express themselves and also help them learn and grow. One gift would be crayons. I would spend about $5.00 on them. They would help bring out the artistic and imaginative side of a child. Another gift would be a Dr. Seuss book. I would spend about $10.00 on it. Another gift would be a puzzle which i would spend $5.00 on. I think kids like doing puzzles and feel happy when they finish them. Another gift i would buy would be bubbles. I would pay $4.00 for that gift. All kids love blowing bubbles. I would also buy a finger painting set. I would spend $8.00 on that. It would bring out the child's imagination and creativity and it would be so much fun for them. - Arizona

    The best 5 gifts for a 3 year old (as a mom of 2 3-year olds) are washable paint/markers, which run around $5, because kids love to be creative and make a mess, a water table, for around $40, which is great for a hot summer day, a doll house, for about $40, which promotes creative play, the game Hullaballo, for around $10, which encourages following directions and finally a small bicycle with training wheels, for $50, which is the next step after tricyles and just right for that age. - Lexington

    The best 5 gifts for a 3 year old would include bubbles, a stuffed animal, a soft book, a rubber ball, and a large card board box to play in. All of these gift would of course include supervision of the child with the gifts. - Boston

    The best gifts for a three year old would be simple art supplies, dress up clothes, play makeup, instructional dance video games, or a playhouse for inside of their room. The art supplies could be as simple crayons and a sketch book, but no more elaborate than children safe paints and a few canvases, of course this could cost $5 to $20. Dress up clothes are perfect for an imaginative 3 year old, you could buy a set for around $20 at Walmart or you could find some really fun options at thrift stores for a much smaller price. Play makeup is always fun for a little girl and there is an abundance of options from children's jewelry stores that are very child safe and age appropriate, costing no more than $20. Dancing games are perfect for an energetic child! Of course, these will cost a little more (around the $30 to $45 range) but I've never met a three year old who wouldn't love to dance for everyone. Finally, a simple tee-pee style playhouse for a corner in their room would be a dream come true for 3 year old's. They can be super simple (a few blankets set up with chairs and maybe some tacks ($0!!) or you could buy a more elaborate version and pay $25 to nearly $50. - Miami

    The best five gifts for a three year old would probably be stuffed animals ($10-$30, early learning toys or books ( price would certainly vary ($5-$50), art supplies such as crayons, paper, playdoh since young kids love to doodle, create and scribble ($2-$25), tricycle or hotwheels (the one's they ride on, not the little toy cars) ($25-$100), and balls are also a great choice as they help define those motor skills in various ways as well as allowing for them to get some fun exercise($5-$20). It's tough to pick only five items, as I know many three year olds love their dolls and cars/trucks and seasonal specific items such as sleds for winter climates or floaties for warm weather and swimming! - New York

    The best gift for a 3 yr old would depend on if it is a boy or girl. I will focus on a girl. A doll at $25.00. A kids purse at $15.00. If you are transitioning from a crib to a toddler bed or regular bed, bedding would also be a great gift at $150.00. A stroller for the toy doll at $25.00. Lastly, a box of lego's at $25.00. - Los Angeles

    The best 5 gifts i will give to a 3 year old are as follows : 1)A Barbie doll which she can place it beside her while sleeping. 2)a beautiful fairy angel dress. 3)shoes which makes some nice sounds while walking. 4)a small bicycle in which she can sit liesurely and roam around the house. 5)toys which makes different sounds. If the baby is a boy also, we can dress him like a girl and see how he looks like. we can make our desires fulfill by making him dress like a girl. I can afford up to 500$ in order to buy the above gifts. 1)30-50$ 2)100-150$ 3)50$ 4)100-200$ 5)100$ - Ohio

    The best gift I would buy for a 3 year old are as follows:- 1. a jigsaw - the price can vary depending on what you can afford, I tend to buy Ravensburger as these are always excellent quality and can be £10 for several in a box. Jigsaws stimulate the child's mind whilst at the same time being fun to do. They give a child the sense of achievement as the picture builds up. 2. books are always a great option, you can spend as little as £1.99 on Mr Men books. I find the child is stimulated by the pictures as well as being able to spend time with a parent as they are read the story. 3. set of children's cutlery can always be good at this age as the child commences to feed themselves with more than just a spoon, sets are available for a few pounds for a good quality steel set with their favourite character on - the child can start to feel a 'big boy or girl' as they commence to use them. 4. a cuddly toy is always happily received, they can be quite expensive the larger you go, however, if you search carefully with the help of google or amazon you can find good sized cuddly toys. 5. New clothes are always a good option as the child never stops growing! you can get great quality clothes for £10 or less these days at supermarkets etc, these may not be as happily received by the child but is always a great gift. Presents can be bought for £10 or less when you're watching the pennies, I find there's no need to spend a fortune on a child of this age, the more you spend at this age the more they can come to expect later on. These were the top 5 presents for my children when they were 3 years old. - San Francisco