When it comes to skate shoes, or any type of apparel for extreme sports for that matter, Globe is easily one of the largest companies out there. While they are not the most popular brand in the US, they are an internationally-known manufacturer that happens to also own several other common and praised skateboarding brands including Enjoi, Blind, Speed Demons, Tensor, Cliche, and Darkstar to name a few. It is clear that Globe skate shoes for men are only a small aspect of this booming business as they are also a leading distributor of third-party owned brands that are responsible for more popular skateboard companies like Girl, Chocolate, Flip and Thrasher.

While they are a very diverse organization, and have plenty of other things to fall back on, they really don't even have to worry about it because Globe skate shoes are easily among the top-rated and highest selling sneakers and trainers on the market today. Check out these reviews of the current models that many consider the best.

The Best Globe Skate Shoes for Men on Sale - 2012

Sabre Skateboarding Trainers

Globe Sabre Skate Shoes for MenCredit: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41fjasgoGuL._SX395_.jpg

Average Price: $60 - $90

These are by far the most searched for pairs of sneakers made by this skateboard footwear brand. The Sabre trainers come with a hefty price, but once you realize how many styles there are, and how awesome the features are, you will understand why they are so expensive. As you can see, the Sabre Globe skate shoes are extremely cool-looking and unique, almost having a "futuristic" design.

The Sabre sneakers are clearly a very advanced pair of skateboarding trainers by looks alone, but the best performance features that they possess include: a triple-stitched, double-layered toecap and leather/sythetic upper construction for superior durability; molded TPR underlays, a heavily padded tongue and collar, and a fabric lining with a removable, cushioned insole for enhanced comfort; and a shock-absorbing Nitrocel midsole, and a custom, molded rubber outsole with a textured sidewall construction for better performance.

In addition to their vast list of technically advanced features, these popular Globe skate shoes can be found in a variety of color and style options, including the following:

  • white/black/green
  • black/charcoal/black
  • black/neutral grey/red
  • black raider
  • black/white/yellow

Fusion Sneakers

Globe Fusion Skate Shoes for MenCredit: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51M1xECl-jL._SX395_.jpg

Average Price: $60 - $80

The Fusion models are right up there with the Sabre as one of the best Globe skate shoes on sale due to their amazing comfort, durability and performance-enhancing features, as well as their huge selection of various colors and designs, such as:

  • black/gum
  • black/charcoal
  • black suede
  • griffin/black
  • charcoal/black/white
  • white/black
  • silver/grey/black
  • black/cobalt lightning

With all of these appealing styles to choose from, you may forget or not even care that the Fusion also has a great list features like a durable rubber sole, fully-reinforced leather and synthetic upper construction, and perforated vamp and collar panels. These versatile and stylish Globe skate shoes also have TPR ollie reinforcement and TPR heel stabilizers for superior performance, as well as a triple-layered, triple-stitched toecap that is able to withstand the abuse of thousands of flip tricks, even on that fresh grip tape that tends to eat up most skateboarding sneakers rather quickly.

Guys' Castro Slip-Ons

Globe Castro Slip-On Skate Shoes for MenCredit: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41dSiIeoyeL._SX395_.jpg

Average Price: $30 - $50

Here are some more casual Globe skate shoes for kids and adults that have been quite popular for several years now and have proven their reputation as some of the best skateboarding trainers for guys and even some women like them with their unisex-type color options. The Castro Slip-Ons are so highly regarded for two main reasons: their comfort, and their appealing style. They come in a wide range of color combinations, which include any found in the list below:

  • black/charcoal
  • granite/khaki
  • black/white pinstripe
  • gray denim/vintage
  • white diamond
  • black/flannel
  • biscotti/antique
  • light earth/tweed

Aside from all of their stylish designs that include colors like white diamond and biscotti/antique that make the Castro one of the top-rated women's Globe skate shoes on sale, they also have many features surrounding comfort such as breathable, slip-resistant linings, an EVA/latex footbed with arch support, a suede or fabric construction with soft textile lining and a fleece material under the tongue.

Motley Skate Shoes

Globe Motley Skate Shoes for MenCredit: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41u-fdni-vL._SY395_.jpg

Average Price: $30 - $45

Here is a nice, quality pair of cheap Globe skate shoes that have plenty of rave reviews from satisfied customer all over the web. Pictured above are the blue Motley trainers, but there are others to pick between as well, including:

  • black/green
  • black/red
  • navy/black
  • black/gum
  • charcoal
  • navy/red
  • black/cord

The Motleys are known for their durability, too, with their tough, rubber outsoles, resilient leather construction with suede uppers, and midsole wraps. In terms of comfort, these discount Globe skate shoes feature a lightly padded collar and footbed.

Superfly-Vulcan High-Top Sneakers

Globe Superfly-Vulcan Skate Shoes for MenCredit: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51f4nw6sGfL._SY395_.jpg

Average Price: $80

As one of the more unique models of this world-known brand's skateboarding trainers, the Superfly-Vulcan High Tops are definitely worthy of being listed here. Constructed of tough and durable action nubuck, action leather, and standard leather, and featuring a Velcro strap for additional ankle support, these high top Globe skate shoes for men are excellent for skateboarding purposes. This is especially true when you take into account their other amazing features like a triple-stitched, double-layered toecap, a vulcanized rubber outsole and a micro-perforated collar panel.  If all of this was not enough to convince you the Superfly-Vulcan High Tops are not some of the most impressive pairs of skateboarding sneakers, then you should take comfort in the fact that there are also several different designs and styles that you can choose from which are much more unique than the traditional color options.

It was probably made pretty clear in the introduction to this list of the top-rated casual sneakers and skateboarding trainers, this brand is a worldwide industry and it should go without saying that even though these are definitely considered five of the best Globe skate shoes for men on sale in 2012, there are still plenty of other awesome models worth checking out that you might personally like better!