Originally, I was going to make a list of the top 10 Lecrae songs, but there are so many great ones out there I decided to split it into the top 5 of his older music and the top 5 songs from his new mixtape, Church Clothes, and album, Gravity. This list will detail the best 5 from the aforementioned mixtape and album.

5. Church Clothes

The first song released from Lecrae’s new mixtape caused a lot of controversy. In this song, Lecrae speaks from the view of someone who doesn’t want to go to church because they feel like everyone there is a hypocrite and they would rather just do their own thing and try to get money. Lecrae in this song provides a good critique of some of the things wrong in the church today. The lyrics get stuck in my head every time I listen, and the music is great!

4. Rejects

Lecrae is at his best when he spits aggressively, which is what he did on the last song on Church Clothes, Rejects. It’s a high energy song and a great closing to the album, with a great message of how even though people may reject the message, you still have to try. The singing at the end is great as well, but the intro from Don Cannon is annoying.

3. Fuego

Fuego is a bonus song on Lecrae’s Gravity album. It’s another high energy song that features great rapping from both Lecrae and rapper KB. The lyrics are great and inspiring, telling people about living  for more than the things you can buy. The aggressive rapping and high energy music of this song gets your blood flowing!

2.  Tell the World

Another great song with a great message. The singing by mali music is great. The rapping isn’t as high energy as the drop, but stilled filled with explosive lyrics that has an inspiring message. This song is so good, I get butterflies in my stomach listening to it. (You’ll get the joke when you hear the song).

1. The Drop

Lecrae has always had great intros and has I said before, is best when he spits aggressively. The Drop is one of those type of songs, and gets me pumped up every time I listen to it.

So, there you go, my top 5 Lecrae songs from 2012!