My top best loans that I would consider getting include home, business, used and new auto, and student loan consolidation. 1) student loan consolidation: Maximum amount would be about $70,000 because that is the amount my wife and I have between us for our student loans. 2) startup business: Maximum amount would be $100,000 because I can't think of any business that I would want to start that would need more than one hundred thousand dollars for startup capital. 3) used auto: Maximum would be $14,000 because I can get a good, almost new, economy vehicle for that amount. I don't make much money so the payments would be relatively low. 4) new auto: Maximum would be $17,000 because I can get a good, economy vehicle for that amount. I don't make much money so the payments would be relatively low. 5) home mortgage: Maximum would be $130,000 because one can find a good, solid 3-bedroom house in a good neighborhood for less than that in my area. - Los Angeles

    My top 5 best loans would be Sallie Mae, because I've heard very good things about them and their willingness to work with college students, 100 Day Loans, because my brother used them to get a loan for his car and he said they were very helpful, Pay Day One, and My Pay Day Loan because my roommate in college had to use them for her car and used it for college and said that they were always there for her when she needed them and finally I would choose NetLoan USA because my next door neighbor used them for a loan to re-do their house and we had a discussion about how nice they were! - Philadelphia

    My top 5 best loans are... Home Improvement Loans- I am likely to obtain this form of a loan in the near future because i plan on renovating several areas of my house. New Car Loans- I am wishing to buy a new, luxury car in the next few months and would want a loan to finance the payments. Used Auto Loans- I would also consider buying a used luxury car and would still require a used auto loan in order to make the payments. Federal student loans- I have a child going to college in the near future and plan on obtaining a federal student loan in order to pay off his tuition. Vacation Loans- My family and I go on a vacation to another country once every few years and this is a pretty big expense. A vacation loan over a period of several years would allow me to finance the vacation. - New York

    My top loan need is one that will help me produce more income. I am shying away from consumer debt these days and trying to do most things as cash and carry, but I would like to expand my small business, so an SBA loan would top my list. I am also looking to move to a new house while market prices are down, so I would look for a low doc mortgage. I have a bunch of student loans outstanding that need to be consolidated for lower monthly payments that would be manageable. We have very little credit card debt, but I think it might be a good idea to pay them down and get a lower interest rate with a second mortgage on our current property. Finally, my loan list would be rounded out with a car. -Oklahoma  

    My top five loans that I would consider getting are all Student based. The first one is a Sallie Mae student loan, citi student loan, Chase student loan, and a Wells Fargo student loan. The maximum amount of money that I would ask for is about 5000 dollars, mainly because I would be trying to get Scholarships. - Jacksonville


    My list of top 5 best loans to consider getting would include an automotive loan. It is important to be able to get around to a job, school, or entertainment activities and a car is essential to these. A house is also an investment that is worthy of taking out a loan for, your house is where your life happens and having one of your own is rewarding and a big accomplishment. Getting a home improvement loan may also be something that you need to consider later on after getting your home so that it can stay nice and retain its value. School is one of the most amazing things that you can do with your life and taking out a college loan is something that will pay for itself in years to come. Some people don't realize how important it is to get away from work and life and take a vacation. Stress can be very detrimental to your health and taking a loan out to go on your dream vacation is something that can turn out to be important and a memory of a lifetime. - Orlando

    My top five loans I would consider getting are: Federal student loans- maximum amount: twenty five thousand dollars Used auto loans- maximum amount: $1000 Home mortgage loans- maximum amount: two hundred thousand dollars New car loans- maximum amount: $20000 Consolidating student loan- maximum amount: fourty five thousand dollars I think these loans will all be helpful because they are things I will most likely need money for in the future. I currently have a car and a place to live without the need for financial assistance but after college I will undoubtedly need help with paying for things that require a substantial amount of money (such as a house, used car, new car, and student loans. I would probably never take our all of these loans at once. One or two loans max. - Miami

    My top 5 loans would be home improvement, federal student loans, used auto loans, vacation loans, and online student loans. I would request 5,000 for home improvement, as I would want the marginal benefit of the improvement to exceed the marginal cost of repairs. I would require student loans as I am already recieving them, as sky rocketing tuition costs are causing school to become unattainable to anyone not recieving them. I would want at least 5,000 in a used auto loan as my family now needs a 2nd vehicle so that my wife can work. A vacation loan would be useful as high moving costs have eliminated savings. The loan could be paid back completely at tax time so 1,500 is acceptable. Online loans for students would be useful as long as the amount is over 5000 a year and not to be paid back until after graduation. Federal student loans aren't alway enough to cover the costs of tuition.