There are about a dozen different brands of skate shoes on sale these days in 2012, but Osiris seems to stand out quite a bit more than the others for several reasons. Their skateboarding sneakers for men and women are some of the most stylish and popular that money can buy. Osiris skate shoes come in a wide variety of styles and designs and are well known for their unique and appealing color and graphics options. Every model has numerous sub-models, making it easy for anyone to have their own unique pair of skateboarding trainers that are perfect for their personal preferences.

Below is a list of reviews for the most popular Osiris skate shoes for guys and girls in 2012. Each of these models have proven their worth over the years with high sales and an ample amount of positive customer ratings.

The Best Osiris Skate Shoes for Men on Sale - 2012

Osiris NYC 83 Mid Skate Shoes for MenCredit:

NYC 83 Mid Skateboarding Trainers

Estimated Price: $80

A decade ago, the D3 2001 models cause the popularity of this brand to explode due to their innovative style and long list of amazing features. Nowadays, the NYC 83 Osiris skate shoes have earned themselved the same type of reputation with their high sales and overall appeal. They can be found in over 20 different color options, including the following:

  • black/cyan/lime
  • black/lime/charcoalw
  • white/black/red
  • black/cyan/charcoal
  • royal/black/red
  • black/lime/yellow
  • teal/orange
  • gray/purple/orange

In addition to the huge selection of colors, there are also several models that have a glow-in-the-dark option. In terms of features, these extremely popular skateboarding trainers are constructed from real and synthetic leather, and have man-made soles, cupsole construction with an exposed EVA midsole, a soft-molded EVA insole with a full latex covering, an abrasion-resistant rubber outsole, reinforced high-abrasion areas, and a padded tongue a collar.

Osiris Pixel Lifestyle Skate Shoes for MenCredit:

Pixel Lifestyle Sneakers

Estimated Price: $85

There are numerous models of the Pixel Osiris skate shoes for men, but the Lifestyles are some of the best in 2012 for their fresh, unique style and the awesome list of features surrounding comfort, durability and performance. The following features are the major reasons why the Pixel Lifestyle is so highly-regarded and an ideal pair of all-around skateboarding sneakers, for both casual use as well as on the board:

  • Leather/Mesh upper construction
  • Mesh inlays and wrap-stabilizing overlays
  • Padded tongue and collar
  • Double elastic tongue straps
  • Textile lining and cushioning
  • Removable insole
  • Shock-absorbing midsole
  • Grippy rubber traction outsole
  • Lightweight performance cupsole with heel airbags
  • Combo-lacing system
Osiris Bronx Slim Skate Shoes for MenCredit:

Bronx SLM Skate Shoes

Estimated Price: $80

Much like the NYC 83 sneakers, the Bronx has also earned a pretty nice reputation over the last few years for their appealing style and diverse range of models and color options, which is why they are still some of the best Osiris trainers for kids and adults even to today. Other than the dozens of colors you can choose from, the features are what make them so great. The Bronx is constructed of soft action leather uppers, and have textile linings, slim padded collars and tongues with elastic centering straps, cupsoles with exposed EVA windows, and the brand's own patented SUPER GRIP rubber outsole.

Osiris Rhyme Remix Skate Shoes for MenCredit:

Rhyme Remix Lifestyle Sneakers

Estimated Price: $80

Hi-Tops such as the Rhyme Remix tend to make for good skateboarding trainers due to their superior ankle support which reduces the risk of foot injuries like ankle sprains. This style is also popular among the urban market that simply finds the hi-top design appealing and comfortable. The Rhyme Remix Osiris skate shoes for men have several different styles to pick between in terms of color and design, but they all have most of the same basic features, including a durable rubber midsole and outsole, a removable ankle strap, and strong, resilient leather construction.

Osiris Hayou LT Skate Shoes for MenCredit:

Hayou LT Skateboarding Trainers

Estimated Price: $50

Here we have a nice pair of cheap Osiris skate shoes for men that you can often find on sale for even less than $50, depending on what size and color you want. The Hayou LT trainers are excellent for skateboarding purposes due to their extensive list of durability and performance features, which including the following:

  • Suede upper construction with reinforced high-abrasion areas
  • Collar and tongue with padding for better comfort and support
  • Combination lacing system for superior fit and style options
  • Stacked EVA midsole for improved shock-absorption
  • Soft-molded EVA insole with full latex covering for better fit
  • A rubber outsole resistant to abraision for added durability

These affordable Osiris skate shoes can also be found in a few different colors, such as charcoal/black/red, black/gray/lime, and light blue/black/orange.

The Best Osiris Skate Shoes for Women on Sale - 2012

Osiris Soha Hi-Top Skate Shoes for WomenCredit:

Soha Hi-Top Sneakers

Average Cost: $50

This is perhaps one of the most unique-looking models of skateboarding trainers that this brand has came out with for the ladies. This is a big reason as to why the Soha Hi-Tops are so popular, and will continue to be as they keep adding more features and color options every year. Like every other pair of Osiris skate shoes for women, you can pick between a number of colors, including teal/purple/white, black/fuschia/plaid-suede, and black/purple/velvet to name a few. As far as the comfort and durability features go, refer to the list below:

  • Canvas/Textile or Suede/Textile construction
  • Soft-molded EVA insole with latex covering
  • Abrasion-resistant rubber outsole
  • Lightweight, padded collar and tongue
  • Cupsole construction with EVA drop-in midsole and heel insert
Osiris NYC 83 Mid Skate Shoes for WomenCredit:

NYC 83 Mid Skate Shoes

Average Cost: $60

Just like the guys' version of these popular Osiris sneakers, the women's NYC 83 can be found in a huge array of color and design options, which is actually the number one reason they are considered some of the best skateboarding trainers for girls on the market today. Style and appeal are usually the main concern when ladies shop for sneakers, and the NYC 83 does not skimp out when it comes to this aspect as they have over a dozen colors to choose from, including:

  • black/fuschia/spectrum
  • black/white/plaid
  • white/pink/houndstooth
  • cyan/white/berry
  • cyan/multi/bolt
  • black/purple/pink
  • black/teal/craze
  • purple/orange/white
  • black/fuschia/white

The NYC 83 Osiris skate shoes for women also have the same comfort and durability features as the men's models do. From the leather/mesh construction to the padded collar and tongue, or from the shock-absorbing EVA midsole to the sticky rubber outsole, the girls NYC 83 has it all.

Osiris NYC 83 SLM Skate Shoes for WomenCredit:

NYC 83 SLM Hi-Top Sneakers

Average Cost: $70

Here is the same basic model as the above review, except a completely different style. The Hi-Tops usually appeal to a whole different demographic, so these definitely deserve their own spot on this list of the best Osiris skate shoes for women. Some of the colors you can pick from include black/iris/blue, black/pink/glitter and black/fuschia/yellow. The NYC 83 SLM Hi-Tops also have several nice features like the cupsole construction with exposed EVA midsole for optimum support and comfort, the abrasion-resistant rubber outsole for added durability and better performance, or the soft-molded PU insole with a covering of full latex for improved fit.

Osiris Harlem Skate Shoes for WomenCredit:

Harlem Trainers - Becky Bones Edition

Average Cost: $60

The Harlem Osiris skate shoes are part of the brand's infamous Becky Bones Collection. What this means is that the sneakers were constructed in an Eco-friendly process, which is something that is very respectable for a company to pursue and makes it easier to put them on this list of top-rated reviews. Other than their obvious appealing style and looks, the Harlem trainers also have plenty of nice features, including a grippy, traction-patterned rubber outsole, a comfortable cushioning throughout the leather/synthetic upper construction, and a shock-absorbing midsole. 

Osiris Pixel Skate Shoes for WomenCredit:

Pixel Skateboarding Sneakers

Average Cost: $45

The Pixel Osiris skate shoes have been really popular among women for many years, and if you'll notice, they are also quite afforable at under $50 on sale. The overall style and appeal of the Pixels is what grabs the attention of most girls, but once they slip them on for the first time, they realize that there is even more to like about them. With the comfortable padded tongue and collar, EVA midsole, rubber outsole, and leather upper construction with perforated panels for extra breathability, it's easy to see why the Pixel is one of the best Osiris skate shoes for women in 2012.