What is the Best Pokemon?

Pokemon has come a long way since the original game was released (Pokemon Red and Blue) and the original 150 Pokemons. The Pokemon universe has changed so much since its beginning and the original 150 Pokemons has grown to about 649. With hundred of Pokemon, which one is the best? Belows is a list of the top 5 Best Pokemon.


5. Darkrai -  Darkrai is an "dark" type Pokemon with impressive stats and moves. Darkrai is the only Pokemon known to be able to use the strong sleeping ability "Dark Voice". Lots of trainers enjoy using Darkrai for its unique dark abilities and its immunity to stronger psychic types. It has strong resistance against Ghost and Dark types. Yet, Darkrai has a weakness to Fighting and Bug types. 

4. Mewtwo - Being one of the most well-known Pokemon, Mewtwo is also one of the most powerful. Features in the first Pokemon movie, its orgin being in an science lab. As an clone of Mew and genetically inhanced by human, Mewtwo is easily one of the strongest psychic types, if not the strongest. Despited Mewtwo's powerful physic abilities , Mewtwo is weak against Bug, Ghost and Dark types. Mewtwo boasts an signature move called "Psystrike".


3. Lugia - It's easy to say that Lugia is one of the most iconic Pokemon. Lugia is the leader of the "Legendary Bird Pokemon" and has the ability to speak to humans. Lugia may be weak to many types of Pokemon, but Lugia's stamina and power make up for this weakness. 


2. Ho-Oh - It's true that Ho-Oh is closely related to Lugia and they are often considered a duo. Although they have similiar power, Ho-Oh has less weaknesses and more resistances. It is  said that Ho-Oh have the ability to raise the dead and is also the only Pokemon to learn " Sacred Fire". Ho-Oh is seen fly the world searching for trainers with an pure heart.


1. Arceus - Arceus is also known as "The Original One" as it is rumored to have created Sinnoh and the entire Pokemon universe. Arceus is easily one of the hardest Pokemon to come by. Arceus is a "normal" type Pokemon with no evolution but can change its type when it is holding a "Plate". The ability "Judgement" is unique only to Arceus. Arceus is also the only non-Dragon-type Pokemon other than Smeargle who can learn Draco Meter. Arceus is weak to Fighting types and is immune to Ghost type Pokemon. .