What is the best super nintendo games (snes)? If you compare SNES aka Super Nintendo console you’d find it lacking the pizzazz its modern day counterparts possess, but back in the day, it was THE console to have. In this article, I reviewed the top 5 best games that were available on SNES: 


1) Super Mario World

I am willing to bet that this would be the number 1 entry on most top games for SNES countdowns. This installment of Mario had various new features that made it stand out from its predecessors, such as, a totally new and innovatively designed world packed with equally meticulously created challenges. Mario also had an indestructible dinosaur companion and a host of new powers.

2) The Legend of Zelda – A link to the past

A perfect combination of action and brain teasing puzzles and totally immersive battles with bosses were the hallmark of this gem of a game. The Legend of Zelda can easily be called as the most engaging and thrilling game that was available on SNES. The in game characters were crafted with such depth that gamers truly identified with them plus the inventory of weapons and items that one could discover during the quest made this one of the best snes game.

3) Chrono Tigger

This game was far ahead of its time! With multiple endings, time travel, evil wiazrds, robots, this game had it all. Chrono Tigger was a combined effort of the most recognizable names in Japanese gaming industry with Masato Kato and Nobuo Uematsu being most recognizable, as they went on to contribute significantly to Final Fantasy series. This is considered one of the greatest RPG of all time.

4) Mortal Kombat II

Although the second installment of this extremely popular fighting game had next to no story plot, but that doesn’t diminish its awesome fighting mechanics. The developers made this installment more gorier, violent and having a whole new set of fatalities. Other new fun aspects included babaility, where you turn your opponents into babies and friendship, which is pretty self explanatory. An extremely memorable and awesome game for the SNES.

 5) Super Metriod

 Last but certainly not the least, is this cryptically delicious and devious story plotted game called Super Metriod. It takes the players on the exploits of the bounty hunter protagonist named Samus Aran and her quest against the intergalactic pirate Ridley.