When it comes to skate shoes, Vans have long been considered some of the best that money can buy. Despite the fact that this popular skateboarding footwear company has existed for over four decades, their sneakers remain to be top sellers even to this day in 2012 for both men and women, as well as kids. Vans skate shoes are such high sellers for a variety of reasons. Their skateboarding trainers are known to be very comfortable, stylish and durable. Not only that, but they are also relatively cheap compared to other brands like DC or Osiris.

In this article we are going to take a look at the top-rated models for guys and girls in the upcoming 2012 year. All of the Vans skate shoes listed in these reviews have plenty of positive customer ratings and great reputations.

Best Vans Skate Shoes for Men on Sale - 2012

Vans Atwood Skate Shoes for MenCredit: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/4193B4V3cVL._SY395_.jpg

Atwood Skateboarding Trainers

Estimated Price: $45

Here we have a pro model that is excellent for skateboarding purposes thanks to their durability features, but are also stylish and comfortable enough to wear casually. The Atwood trainers can be found in a couple of different color options, but not too many really. The main reason these made the list is due to their rave reviews and the fact that they are one of the few pairs of Vans skate shoes that are not considered "classics" for being on sale for so many years. The Atwoods are also pretty cheap, and can often be bought for under $40 if you need an odd size or find a great discount somewhere. Some of the more important features to mention are the tough rubber outsole which has a special waffle pattern to allow for better traction, a comfortable and soft padded collar, and a lightweight canvas construction.

Vans Prison Issue #23 Skate Shoes for MenCredit: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31Kr78x%2ByuL._SX395_.jpg

Prison Issue #23 Sneakers

Estimated Price: $40

These affordable Vans skate shoes  for men are also a bit unique compared to their classic models that have been popular for decades now. The Prison Issue #23 is only about $40, but they still come with a decent list of cool features surrounding comfort and durability, making them ideal for skateboarders on a budget. Each pair is constructed with canvas or suede uppers with a canvas lining which is not only easy on the feet but also tough enough to hold up to the kind of abuse other Vans skate shoes are not capable of. The vulcanized construction gives the Prison Issue #23 sneakers an extra boost of durability, and the triple-strap hook-and-loop design makes them one of the more unique-looking pairs on this list.

Vans Chukka Low Skate Shoes for Men

Chukka Low Skate Shoes

Estimated Price: $60

The Chukka Low skateboarding trainers are cult favorites amongst skaters and were designed by the brand's own professional skateboarding team, ensuring that they are indeed some of the best Vans skate shoes for men. These models are like a hybrid version of the classic Authentics and the Chukka Boots. This year in 2012, there will be several more color options to choose from than in the past, including black/gray, purple, blue, green, red/black, blue/black, white and more. The uppers of each pair of Chukka Lows are constructed of suede or canvas, with the exception of a few colors that require a different material to produce properly. Some of the nicest features include a drop-in PU midsole and the original waffle-sole design with increased cushioning for enhanced board-control and comfort.

Vans Zapato Del Barco Skate Shoes for MenCredit: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31EgdKG4FQL._SX395_.jpg

Zapato Del Barco Casual Sneakers

Estimated Price: $50

Perhaps you are not a skateboarder yourself and just like the way Vans skate shoes look and fit, or maybe you would simply like a pair of sneakers that are casual. If this is the case, then the Zapato Del Barco models are ideal for you. These casual sneakers are not built for skateboarding, and it is not recommended that you do so while wearing them, however, they are known to be extremely comfortable and can be found in a wide range of colors and styles. The Zapato Del Barco's are constructed with durable canvas uppers, and have several other features like a padded collar, a printed footbed, slight frayed edges, vulcanized construction and a rubber outsole just in case you do happen to use them to ride on your skateboard for a bit.

Vans Sk8 Hi Classic Skate Shoes for MenCredit: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51uTsupFDdL._SX395_.jpg

Sk8 Hi Classic Skateboarding Sneakers

Estimated Price: $50

The Sk8 Hi Classics have been in existance for decades, but every year it seems that they keep getting better and have more color and design options to choose from. Being only $50, they are also relatively cheap Vans skate shoes for men. The model pictured above has a special edition Slayer design, but there are many other styles to consider. Each come with a padded collar and footbed for superior fit and shock absorption, and a cotton drill lining for added breathability and comfort. These popular skateboarding trainers also have a die-cut EVA insert which provides extra support for your feet.

Best Vans Skate Shoes for Women on Sale - 2012

Vans Classic Slip-On Skate Shoes for WomenCredit: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41YhrbLfxiL._SY395_.jpg

Classic Slip-Ons

Average Cost: $40

The majority of girls looking for a pair of skateboarding sneakers are going to want something that's not only stylish, but comfortable as well. The Classic Slip-Ons are some of the most ideal pairs of Vans skate shoes to consider, due to their vast array of color and style options and their long history of being known as really comfortable and affordable. The amount of colors and designs is nearly endless, making it easy for any young lady to have their own unique pair. The Classic Slip-Ons are made with durable canvas uppers and have a padded collar and footbed, cotton drill lining, die-cut EVA inserts, and vulcanized sole attachments.

Vans Authentic Skate Shoes for WomenCredit: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/411IgwwelNL._SX395_.jpg

Authentic Trainers

Average Cost: $45

You can't really go wrong with any of the top 3 Vans skate shoes for women on this list of reviews because they have all built amazing reputations for themselves over the last 3-4 decades as some of the best skateboarding sneakers on the market. The Authentic trainers have been around for quite a while now but their newest models in 2012 have many more color options like purple, pink, green, baby blue and white, as well as several multi-tone combinations. Each pair comes with most of the same features as any of the other classic Vans skate shoes, such as the lightweight and flexible canvas upper construction, a gum rubber outsole, vulcanized sole attachments, cotton drill lining and die-cut EVA inserts.

Vans Era Skate Shoes for WomenCredit: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31xKfDFhwYL._SX395_.jpg

Era Skate Shoes

Average Cost: $45

The Era sneakers are the third pair of classics that are just so popular with the girls that it would be a crime to not list them here. Perhaps the best part about the Vans Era skateboarding trainers is the fact that they come in such a huge selection of color and style options. Some of these include maroon/pink, blue/pink, black/neon pink, green/yellow, black/purple, white/baby blue, and white/teal. In addition to the solid, two-tone and multi-tone color combinations, there are special designs like checkerboards, polka-dots or stripes that you can pick if you want.

Vans Cedar Skate Shoes for WomenCredit: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41Mq9gYxa9L._SY395_.jpg

Cedar Casual Sneakers

Average Cost: $40

While there are not nearly as many different styles to consider when it comes to these casual Vans skate shoes for women, the Cedar is still one of the most popular models out there and definitely have their own unique look with the floral patterns that are available. The Cedar sneakers are constructed with canvas or leather uppers and have some nice features surrounding comfort and durability like a textile lining and cushioning insole, a rubber midsole, and a grippy waffle-pattern outsole.

Vans Old Skool Skate Shoes for WomenCredit: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41b6zOLkpPL._SX395_.jpg

Old Skool Skateboarding Trainers

Average Cost: $40

There is not really anything spectactular about the Old Skool sneakers, but they do have an excellent reputation and have been selling in high numbers with rave customer reviews for quite some time.  These popular and stylish Vans skate shoes for women have plenty of features that you'll find in the vast majority of other models that this footwear company produces, which includes the cotton drill lining, padded collars, suede or canvas upper construction, die-cut EVA inserts and vulcanized sole attachments.

Since there are so many other amazing skateboarding sneakers on sale out there from this brand, it might be worth doing a little shopping and comparing before making your decision to purchase. While these are clearly some of the best Vans skate shoes in 2012, everyone has their own opinion and perhaps you'll find a pair of trainers that better suits your personal needs and desires.