Top 5 Blenny Salt Water Aquarium Fish

The moment that you take a step into any store that sells salt water aquarium fish, you will quickly notice that there are a plethora of them to choose from. To some individuals they simply all look nearly identical, and to others all of the intricate differences are easily recognizable. The blenny salt water aquarium fish are definitely one of the best choices when considering the purchase of any of these; they have many qualities that allow them to be considered as better than the rest. This article is dedicated to the top 5 blenny salt water aquarium fish that can be purchased; these specific species will allow you to be completely satisfied with your purchase through their exciting personalities, and beautiful physical qualities!

Blenny Salt Water Aquarium Fish-Bicolor Blenny $8.99

This is definitely the most inexpensive out of all of the blenny salt water aquarium fish that are for sale; costing you less than a measly $10 is a great deal for a species that is this beautiful. It carries a brown color at the front of its body, and immediately fades to an orange color once the rear fin begins to erect. Its personality if rather peaceful, but exciting enough to keep you entertained if you were to spend quite some time watching the way that it swims around the tank.

Blenny Salt Water Aquarium Fish-Bundoon Blenny $39.99

This species would definitely take the trophy home for the most interesting blenny salt water aquarium fish that is available for sale. It has a black and blue color that extends to the full degree of its body, and has a solid yellow stripe that runs from the tip of its eye to around the middle of its body. This species is the most aggressive out of all of the others of its type; however, this aggression is not one of anger, but one of interaction. It can commonly be found interacting heavily with the other species that may be found swimming within the same tank; a friendly, but strong interaction indeed.

Blenny Salt Water Aquarium Fish-Horned Blenny $24.99

Although at first glance this species may not seem to be part of the blenny salt water aquarium fish group, it is definitely a strong member of that specific group. It can be distinguished from the rest of the group by the two noticeable horns that extend from its head immediately above its eyes. Although many people think about solid and sharp horns when first hearing the name of this species, its horns are nearly harmless. It carries a personality that is as different as the horns on its head from the rest of the species of its type.

Blenny Salt Water Aquarium Fish-Linear Blenny $29.99

This is definitely a weird looking blenny salt water aquarium fish, but a somewhat cute one indeed. The maintenance that is associated with this species is the easiest of its type. It has a long and thin body with fins that nearly extend off of every inch of it. The bottom half of its long body is white in color, and the top half is colored with a white and brown color. This species carries an extremely peaceful and passive personality, and for that reason should only be kept in a tank that is filled with other peaceful species.

Blenny Salt Water Aquarium Fish-One Spot Blenny $24.99

Contrary to the suggestion that the name of this blenny salt water aquarium fish makes, it has many small spots that cover its body rather than one spot. It has a greenish brown body that is covered in white spots, and a belly that is tan in color. Regarded by most people as a weird looking species of the bunch, this definitely carries a different look from the rest of its type. Although its look is different, it is the unique aesthetic values that people love in this species that have allowed it to be featured in this article!

It can be quite confusing to choose which salt water aquarium fish you are going to purchase due to the rather large selection of available species; however, with the right knowledge, this choice can become a lot easier. This article lists the top 5 blenny salt water aquarium fish for sale. All of these specific species carry amazing personalities that will keep you entertained for hours on end, and will all catch eyes with their astonishing beauty! These are great choices that should be considered by absolutely everybody that is thinking about filling their tank with a new species!