Back in the 70’s and 80’s when families wanted to spend time together outside of dinner; they played board games.  This was the ultimate fun while getting to know each other.  You could learn so much about your brothers and sisters or mom and dad just watching the way that maneuvered through a board game.   Today because of technology like mobile phones, Ipads, and computers; these games are not played as much.  Yet they are still as much a part of the American landscape as apple pie.  Some of my favorite games are still relevant today.  When you go to any major retailer and visit the toy section, these games still have a prominent spot.

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1.   Monopoly.  If you ever wanted to learn about business then Monopoly is the game for you.  Your choice of pawns could be the car, shoe, hat, iron, wheel barrow, etc.  My favorite piece was the car because it looked so sporty.  This game gives you the opportunity to purchase property, railroads, and streets.  The person with the most assets and cash in the end wins the game.  The funny thing about Monopoly is that no one ever seems to finish the game.  The play can go on and on and on.  The main purpose behind the game was to get you to think about cash flow, investing and making decisions.  This game should be brought into every school in America to teach these lessons to the future adults of America.  Maybe Monopoly could be the catalyst to a better economy and a sense of financial responsibility for our youth

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2.  Trouble.  Trouble is a game where you get four game pieces of the same color and the object is to see who can get around the board the quickest.  The interesting part of the game is if you land on someone else’s game piece then their piece gets sent back to the start and has to go around the board all over again.  This game definitely teaches patience and forgiveness.  You can get easily upset if your pawn is continually returned to the start spot.  The game also teaches you about empathy and consideration of others.  You get to choose which piece you move on your turn.  If you don’t want to send your opponent back you can move another piece instead.  Now wouldn’t that be considerate of you.

The Game of Life
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3.  Life.  This game should be called the decision maker because it basically decides your life.  Your pawns are little cars of different colors with peg holes on top.  These holes represent you and the people in your life.  Pink or blue are the colors representing boys or girls.    As you spend the wheel, decisions are made about which way your life will go.   You also get money along the way based on whatever life challenges come your way.  The winner ends up with the best outcome which is a nice happy retirement.   This game teaches you how any decision you make will affect the outcomes of your life; meaning for each decision there is a consequence.  Enough said!

Candy Land
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4.  Candy Land.  Of all the games this is the simplest game to play.  This game is a race where each player picks a card and moves their candy man around the board based on color matches.  As a parent this is a great game to play with your children because it makes them feel like big boys and girls and they have an equal chance of winning.  You simply follow the directions and play.  This game teaches children and adults how to play together.  Its also an early lesson for children about winning and losing.  It's best taught early on that you may not win at everything you try, but the key is to keep trying.

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5.  Twister.  In this popular game you get to stretch yourself and your imagination.  In Twister, you are the game piece.  The game begins by laying out the game sheet with large dots of various colors.  You spin the color board and place your body part on the color that matches.   Players are eliminated from the game if they fall or let a knee or elbows touch the game sheet. The last player left standing or rather stretching wins the game.   Twister is a great game to help stretch your limbs.  If you want to stay in shape or be close to your family members then this is the game to play. 

If you are ready to get back to spending quality time with your family or even your friends; go pull out one of these board games and let the fun begin.   The games are not just for entertainment but also a means for us to learn some important life lessons.  Get the kids together, play hard and don’t be surprised if you learn something along the way.