Foster a Love for Reading with Empowering Heroines

Looking for books to read or give to your child that convey strong, positive female leads? A story that grabs your attention and provokes insightful conversations as well? Look no further... The following is a list and review of my top 5 books for mighty girls that you've probably never heard of.

If your son or daughter is just getting into longer books, I would suggest starting with some of the classic entry-level chapter books for kids. If your child is ready for more complex literary fiction, mystery and adventure, read on!  All of the novels listed below are modern, intriguing and great to read aloud to early readers, 6+ years-old, or give as a gift to engage your tween or teen in and immersive world and foster a love for reading.  

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1. The Magic Half

Miri is a lonely middle child (between two sets of twins) who has just moved into a new house with her family.  She finds a magical artifact that transports her back in time to befriend and help a strangely similar girl facing hardships, mystery and danger.

Think Back to the Future... with a female lead, no mad scientist and less inadvertent family mix-ups.  The Magic Half is action packed, thought-provoking and wrapped in a heartwarming story.  Because of some realistic danger please pre-view or be ready to ad-lib if you are reading to a younger or sensitive child.


The Magic Half
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2. The Book of Wonders

Action, fantasy and suspense.  Zubeyda is a strong-willed, independent heroine who seeks to fulfill her destiny, and save both her family and her homeland.

The author creatively uses tales from One Thousand and One Nights to weave such a magical story.  My daughter and I can't wait for the next installment.

The Book of Wonders
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(price as of Mar 16, 2016)

3. Ronia, the Robber's Daughter

When Ronia befriends the son of a rival thieves guild, she begins to see her father and life in a whole new light. This adventure makes for a great read, while complex and dynamic relationships provide opportunities for thought-provoking dialogue with your child.

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4. Rooftoppers

Young Sofie and her eccentric guardian, Charles, are in a race against time to find her long-lost mother in the vast city of Paris.  While Charles uncovers clues in the city, Sofie discovers a secret world above the rooftops and with the help of Matteo slowly unravels the mystery of her family. 

This adventure is full of danger, mystery and suspense but still figures out a way to remain joyful with a sense of optimism. The author also does a great job exploring topics such as destiny, coincidence and socio-economic issues. 

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Flora and Ulysses: The Illuminated Adventures

The author uses an interesting format, interspersing quirky novel passages with golden era comic panels.  Part superhero origins, part coming of age story; when we meet Flora she is really struggling with her relationships to the adults in her life, as well as her world-view as a "cynic." A mishap between a squirrel and a vacuum cleaner compel her to explore destiny, and challenge her relationships and world-view in ways she never would have expected.

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Refreshing Options for Parents and Kids

Celebrities and the media have left parents feeling out of options, by bombarding us with over-idealized, sexualized and negative stereotypical female imagery just to get attention. It's so important to have positive role models during a child's formative years, and that is why it is always refreshing to come across a good movie or book that features strong, positive girls and women.

Do you have a favorite book to read to a mighty girl in your life?