Bruce Lee is a renowned actor credited with the rise of martial arts movies. Born in 1940, he is a Chinese-American actor, filmmaker, philosopher and martial arts instructor who took the movie industry by storm. Prior to his death in 1973, Bruce Lee had gained international reputation and success that put him on the world map. Despite producing tens of movies, there are those that simply stood out from the rest. Here is a sneak preview of the top 5 Bruce Lee movies.

1. Enter The Dragon.
This is without a doubt one of the best movies ever done by Bruce Lee. Released in 1973, Enter The Dragon achieved enormous success by presenting a series of well managed fighting sequences that gave no room for disruption. Here, Lee features as a martial arts professional determined to take down a drug dealer believed to be responsible for his sister's death. The evil villain happens to operate from an island carefully manned by a gang of artists who also happen to host a contest. Using his skills, he manages to enter the competition not to win, but to bring down the drug dealer. Directed by Robert, Clouse, Enter The Dragon is a must watch if you are a true fan of martial arts and Bruce Lee in particular.

2. Fists of Fury.
Another popular Bruce Lee movie, Fists of Fury truly solidifies Bruce Lee's standing as one of the world's greatest action movie stars that ever lived. In this movie, Lee stars as a Chinese counter boy sent to live with his cousins and uncles in Thailand. However, he has to keep up with the promise to his mother not to fight while there. This promise, however, is repeatedly tested when Lee goes to work at a local ice house for prejudiced natives. After his cousins are killed, what ensues is a revenge mission which pits him against the crime lord behind the scheme. Lee's physical gifts in this movie are undeniable and the blinding speed of his feet is just amazing. Another must-watch movie.

3. The Way of The Dragon.
Released in 1972, this is another movie that must be mentioned in the league of the best movies done by Bruce Lee. It was Lee's third movie, and the first one he did both as a director and a writer. It is a surprising change from his usual hard-hitting flare to Kung-Fu and some sense of humor as well. In this movie, Lee visits his relatives in Italy and finds himself coming in their defense. In addition to the usual physical strength, Lee also shows great comic timing, thanks to the several humorous set pieces. The movie also stars renowned action superstar Chuck Norris.

4. Game of Death.
Game of Death was Bruce Lee's last movie before he died (he actually died during one of its filming). As a results, the producers were forced to use footage and outtakes from his previous movies. The movie pits Lee against a formidable opposition made up of Chuck Norris and Abdul-Jabar. Released in 1978 five years after Lee's death, Game of Death is an an excellent and historic movie to all Lee fans. 

5. Chinese Connection 2.
This is another well done movie by Bruce Lee. Here, he is determined to honor the request of his ailing brother to re-establish a martial art school that has been taken over by thugs. Determined to fight the storm, Lee goes against all odds to honor the promise by fighting off the thugs. Another great movie that showcases Lee's unrivaled martial arts moves.