Central vacuum systems are a space saving alternative to traditional upright vacuum cleaners. They can add up to $2,000 to a home's value but they do not cost much money to purchase and install. When a homeowner purchases a central vacuum system, the main components will be placed in the home's garage, basement or utility room. Hoses will be connected to vents located each room in the home. When the homeowner is ready to clean, they just turn on the vacuum right from the vent and dirt can be swept into the vent. The homeowner may also hook up a hose or attachments to the vent. They can then vacuum as if they had a traditional upright. The dirt and debris that is swept into the vent will be sucked into the canister. The canister and air filters will need to be changed regularly to prevent overflow.

There are many different options to choose from when purchasing a central vacuum system. First, one should consider the size of their home. A larger home will need a more powerful system. This will add more money to the overall cost. Next, one should decide whether they want a bag or a canister. A bag will add costs as well but just a canister may need more cleaning and emptying a canister may be a dirtier job. Lastly, one should decide on the attachments they need to clean their home. Here are the top 5 central vacuum systems:

5. Eureka CV140 Yellow Jacket Compact Central Vacuum

Eureka CV140 Yellow Jacket Compact Central VacuumThe Eureka CV140 Yellow Jacket Compact Central Vacuum is one of the most cost effective central vacuum systems available. It is a compact vacuum system and can fit in any home. It can even fit inside a mobile home or RV. A mounting bracket is included to help save space. Even though it is small, it packs a powerful punch. It contains a 400-watt motor that gives the vacuum enough power to suck up any type of dust and dirt. It can even suck up cereal from a kitchen floor. The canister is lined with a Eureka OX Bag that can be easily disposed of when it gets full. Replacement bags can be purchased at local retailers and online. The Eureka Yellow Jacket central vacuum system comes with a 5-year warranty for peace of mind. The Yellow Jacket is the perfect solution for those who want convenience but does not want to pay outrageous prices.

Eureka 8325 Jacket Central Vac Power Unit, Yellow - Corded
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(price as of Oct 8, 2016)

4. Honeywell 4B-H503 Central Vacuum Power Unit

Honeywell 4B-H503 Central Vacuum Power UnitThe Honeywell 4B-H503 Central Vacuum Power Unit works best for homes that contain children and pets. It contains the best air filtering of any central vacuum systems on the market. The Triumph HEPA filtration will eliminate 100% of all dirt, allergens, animal dander and dust from the air. How many central vacuum systems can say that? Best of all, the Honeywell Central Vacuum requires no venting. This allows for easy installation. A mounting bracket will keep it off the floor to save space. There are no bags and the filter is washable so there are no filters to purchase. The Honeywell Central Vac is easy to maintain. Just empty the air-tight canister when it gets full and wash the filter once a month. The Honeywell 4B-H503 Central Vacuum Power Unit is a great option for those looking for powerful suction for a reasonable price.

Honeywell 4B-H503 Central Vacuum System Power Unit
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(price as of Oct 8, 2016)

3. Electrolux ZCV900 Oxygen Central Vacuum

Electrolux ZCV900 Oxygen Central VacuumFor those looking for a few more features in a central vacuum system, look no further than the Electrolux ZCV900 Oxygen Central Vacuum. This vacuum can pick up both solids and liquids with its powerful 550-watt motor. It contains a large 8-gallon dirt receptacle than can be used bag less or with a 6 gallon paper bag. There is a convenient window located outside of the canister to help determine when the receptacle is full. The canister can be placed in a garage or basement to save space in the home. The Electrolux Oxygen Central Vacuum comes with a five-year limited warranty. The warranty will not be needed as the vacuum is constructed for heavy use. The HEPA S12 filter will remove dirt and allergens from the air. The filter is washable so no replacement filters are needed. The Electrolux ZCV900 Oxygen Central Vacuum has many useful options for a great price.

Electrolux ZCV900 Oxygen Central Vacuum
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(price as of Oct 8, 2016)

2. AirVac AVP12000 Bagged Central Vacuum

AirVac AVP12000 Bagged Central VacuumThe AirVac AVP12000 Bagged Central Vacuum is a modular style central vacuum system. It features space saving nested components. It is one of the best central vacuum systems for larger homes as the 570-watt motor can handle up to 12,000 square feet. The AirVac is easy to install and offers great flexibility. The intake ports as well as the exhaust ports can be attached on either side of the canister. The hoses can connect directly to the canister if needed for more power. The power can be controlled using a switch located on the hose. The central vacuum does come with bags but there is a debris level on the canister to know when the bags need to be changed. The canister can hold as much as 5.2 gallons of debris. The vacuum uses a muffler to reduce noise while vacuuming. Anyone looking for a quiet central vacuum system should consider the AirVac AVP 12000 Bagged Central Vacuum System.

AirVac Central Vacuum Platinum Series Bagged Motor, 627W
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(price as of Oct 8, 2016)

1. Hayden SuperVac 6000 Central System Vacuum

Hayden SuperVac 6000 Central System VacuumOut of all central vacuum systems, the Hayden SuperVac 6000 Central System Vacuum is the best option. While more expensive than other central vacuum systems, the Hayden SuperVac offers more value for the money. It can be placed in a garage, utility room or basement. It uses a cyclonic separator cone to provide a consistent cleaning suction. It uses a cartridge filter to remove dirt and debris from the air. The motor is self-contained and is located on the top of the canister. The canister is sealed tight to prevent the leakage of dust. The vacuum can be run on normal electric power. It can work in virtually any sized home. It comes with a variety of handy accessories including a direct connect dual switching crushproof hose, power nozzle with headlight, a vinyl tool attachment holder, a hose hanger, a floor brush, a dusting brush, an upholster nozzle, a crevice tool, a wand set and a wand set.

It is important to read reviews, check prices and try out many central vacuum systems to determine the correct system for your home. Finding the right central vacuum system will not only add value to the home but it will also save time in your everyday life. If you are tired of lugging around upright vacuums and spending hours cleaning your floors, take a hard look at central vacuum systems.