In the 1980’s, the roles of women in film made a big change.  They suddenly had actual starring roles instead of supporting roles (yes, there were female lead roles before but not like in the 1980’s) and their roles were stronger and more powerful.  There were some great chick flicks that year and I love to go back to many of them over and over again.

These 80’s chick flicks appealed to women for several reasons.  They showed women in strong roles – taking charge of their lives and going after what they wanted.  They also embraced the emotions that make women who they are instead of making those emotions only a secondary part of the story.  And finally, it addressed issues that were important to women like sexism in the workplace, friendship, and sexuality.

These are my favourite top 5 movies of the 1980’s:

Bull Durham

Kevin Costner was IT in the 80's and no woman will ever forget his line about long, slow, wet kisses that last for three days. And the tub scene was sexy, too.  Susan Sarandon played his older lover who taught him all about love and making love.  She was confident in her sexuality and she never held back from expressing herself.  Her imperfections were something she embraced.

When Harry Met Sally

This movie addresses the age old question about whether or not men and women can be just friends and it has one of the best fake orgasms ever heard.  Meg Ryan plays Sally in a way that no other actress could have.  She plays into her girl next door qualities that we can all relate to and made us cry and worry and fall in love right along with her.

Nine to Five

Three women in secretarial positions do what every woman in that time wanted to do - they take over the office and tie up the boss!  Dolly Parton, Lily Tomlin, and Jane Fonda team up to deal with their sexist and rude boss.  He doesn’t have a chance when he is up against the three of them.  These three secretaries are just plain fed up and they are not putting up with any more of his antics.


This is the ultimate story of friendship.  Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey play two women who have been best friends since childhood.  They’ve been through everything together and nothing can tear them apart. This one will make even the hardest hearts turn to tears. Friendship movies don't get any better than this tear jerker.

An Officer and a Gentleman

Not only does this movie have Richard Gere in his prime but it has a great story line and an ending that is so worth waiting for.  Debra Winger plays his love interest.  She’s a small town girl that breaks her rule of dating navy guys for him.  They have everything against them it seems and there are times when you will wonder if they are going to make it.  The best part is the final scene and it is the romantic standard that women of the 80’s measured their love lives against.