Over the years, there have been so many wonderful Christmas themed movies. However, some of the films that we enjoy best at Christmas actually have nothing at all to do with the festivities. It may simply be that you associate a particular movie with Christmas-time.

Deciding on the Top Five Christmas Movies is tricky though as personal choice varies so much. Here are my top ten, which of course may not be yours.

Home Alone

Home Alone was released in 1990 and has become regular Christmas entertainment. The McAllister family are set to go on Christmas vacation but they forget one vital ingredient when they set off. Somehow or another their 8 year old son is left behind, Home Alone at Christmas.

A young Macaulay Culkin stars as Kevin the child left behind. However, it turns out that he has more than being alone to contend with, he has villains also. Intruders are set on accessing his home and Kevin is determined that they will not.

No matter how many times you have watched this film you are bound to laugh at some of the ways that Kevin keeps the intruders out. Home Alone is family friendly and fun.

The Polar Express

The Polar Express was released in 2004 and Robert Zemeckis directed it. Zemeckis is famous for such films as the Back to the Future series. Actor Tom Hanks is central to this film, because he plays many of the characters. This is achievable because the film relies on modern technology and CGI, computer graphics imagery.

A young boy takes a journey in order to discover if Father Christmas truly exists. The boy is at the age when such questioning begins and he is doubtful that Santa is real. Of course, he discovers what we already know, that Father Christmas exists if you want him to.

The Santa Clause

The Santa Clause has an unusual twist to this Christmas theme. American comedian Tim Allen plays the lead role of Scott Calvin. After Santa takes a tumble from his roof, Tim foolishly takes the man's business card. Little does he realise quite what this will entail. In the smallest text ever the wording reads that he has now to become Father Christmas. It is the Santa clause.

The Santa Clause is one of the heart-warming takes that is so fitting at Christmas -time. The relationship between father and son, and a family unit under stress, are in the plot along with the fun and games.


Elf was released in 2003. This film is silly but fun. Will Ferrell plays Buddy who, as a baby, sneaks into Santa's sleigh and ends up back at the North Pole. Here he is raised as an Elf. Once Buddy has grown to be a young man his huge size, in comparison to the elves, causes chaos in the polar community.

With Santa's blessing, Buddy sets of to New York in order to try to find his real family. Although Buddy is the size of a man, his life experience is that of a small child and the fun begins. This film is suitable for all ages and a tearjerker in parts.

It's A Wonderful Life

No such list could be complete without with a timeless classic, Its A Wonderful Life. It is somewhat dated, as far as the set and sentimentality goes, but it still has a pertinent Christmas message. It's A Wonderful Life was released in 1946 and starred James Stewart. If it is seasonal cheer that you are searching for then search no further than this film.

George Bailey, played by Stewart, Is a man on the edge at Christmas. With financial ruin looming an angel who is still trying to win his wings, Clarence, is sent to help George. Clarence shows George just how many people he has unknowingly, and knowingly, helped over the years. George is privileged to see what life for some would have been if he had never been born.

This film has some humorous episodes but is one of those films that keep on making you think Ah. It was made in Black and White , with no modern technology, but is well worth a watch.


As I said at the beginning of this brief article, there are many more films that are wonderful suitable for Christmas viewing, such as the Disney Classics but this is my Top 5.